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Do you love your job and are successful at it? If you are, what do you do? I'm trying to get a census of the best jobs for us ADDers! I have a quite comical job right now, comical in the sense that it is completely OPPOSITE of the kind of job I should be doing. I would like to go back to school and get another degree but I'm interested in SO MUCH! But being interested isn't the same as being successful as we all Soooooo, what ARE the best jobs for people with ADD and specifically ADD W/O?


"TEST? We have a TEST today?"!

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I love my job.  I am a pediatrician. There is a lot of variety - you never know what will happen in the next exam room. I can also get into all sorts of things - currently I am the pediatrician for our new school and community intervention program, which is very cool, and I am going to teach a set of parenting classes for parenting your ADD child ('cause I have so much spare time!!lol)

The scheduling and paperwork aspect is difficult for me, but I have a fantastic office manager and secretary who have permission to nag me to get it done!


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