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Do you love your job and are successful at it? If you are, what do you do? I'm trying to get a census of the best jobs for us ADDers! I have a quite comical job right now, comical in the sense that it is completely OPPOSITE of the kind of job I should be doing. I would like to go back to school and get another degree but I'm interested in SO MUCH! But being interested isn't the same as being successful as we all Soooooo, what ARE the best jobs for people with ADD and specifically ADD W/O?


"TEST? We have a TEST today?"!

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I work at the Golf Channel doing master control work. I do a lot of things at the same time which seems to suit me just fine since my mind is always thinking in a lot of different directions at the same time.
I've been in a variety of jobs and found it interesting after reading a list of jobs that are good for ADHD people that most of mine where on the list. I started out in Emergency Medical Services followed by Law Enforcement, then went to school to be a trader getting my MBA in Finance, and ended up as an entrepreneur. So there are several fields I've heard we also do great at teaching, being authors, speakers, comedy, and other creative jobs or high stress/adreline jobs.
At the moment I am currently on hiatus from my regular gig, helping ADDers find meaningful work, so this is an interesting question for me. My first career was journalism, and for the past nine years I have been freelancing part-time. Recently I decided to take the plunge, and work as a writer/editor for a year to see how it would go. While it's great working for myself, writing is a lonely occupation at times, and I miss the interaction of "warm and wigglies". The other piece of it is that you never know when the ADHD is going to be an issue...the most predictable thing about it, is unpredictability. Right now, for example, I am doing a wonderful job of avoiding an article that I must be writing! So yes, sometimes getting motivated, organized, focused and all that is a real problem! Other days, it's a breeze!

As for other types of jobs, frankly, I think with the proper accommodation/medication/coaching/mindset most jobs are do-able, and in fact, we excel at them at times! Yes, our ADHD can be a terrific asset! Marketing, broadcasting, sales, not to mention, paramedic, athletes, etc. But there are so many variables to take into account, including environment, support system, etc. it's impossible to generalize! But I do believe, with the right ingredients, anything is possible. I tell that to my clients; I tell that to myself.
A pleasure!
I am a teacher and a babysitter and owner of a small business. I am taking over the small business from another person and it is regulated by a larger company so, even though I am not actually a franchise, there are guidelines as to how I can run it. In the last few months I've been running the business without a title and I just got my Director's welcome packet in the mail yesterday - and, honestly, it made me very anxious. I am tenacious, as they say, and so I do not want to give up on this but really I'd rather just go back to teaching. The thing is, I thought that I could create this opportunity for myself as there are not that many jobs right now in this area. And, in theory, it seemed like a good idea. But the level of anxiety with all the paperwork and scheduling and emails and insurance and (more than anything else) responsibility that if it fails, it's all me. Well.. that's tough.

Back to topic.

Jobs with other people around

I think one key to my job happiness is working with children. I love children and I relate to them so much and they give me so much energy and have this amazing capacity for giving love back. This is what feeds me at work. I need to find a way to feed (sometimes literally) myself within the process I am undertaking right now.

I am a stay at home mom with a pre-med undergraduate and for post-grad. a J.D.   I started a pottery studio in my back yard a year ago and have been selling my work in my etsy shop online. I am not sure how to measure success anymore.   I have sold 202 pieces this year and the reward is indescribable and sooo much more than the money.   Being able to express oneself artistically has been very freeing.  It is my time of calm and quiet because you are forced into the super focus mode.  If you are not super focused, it is almost impossible to throw anything on the wheel.   You might need to have a temp. back up plan, but if you really really love something, you'll figure out how to make it as successful as you need it to be.


To be honest I used to work as a bouncer/doorman, manager of a bar. Having adhd (undiagnosed) at the time was awesome because I could hear every conversation and I guess I didnt really hyperfocus unless I had to. It was like a super hero power lol


Now, having adhd isnt that bad at my current job, I work in a cube, which is no big deal but I need to get up get out and get going all the time.....taking vyvanse isnt that bad, helps.....


I hope you are doing ok, saw it was posted in 2008 etc..



My current job (and hopefully the last one too) is a preschool teacher at head start. i love it. everyday is different, it is not monotonous at all. i can get up and walk around when ever i need to, dont have to spend alot of time focusing on one thing, and i make a difference in the lives of my students. In the last 4 years, I personally have helped 6 children be diagnosed with ADHD, and one parent. I also have "a way with special needs children" not just children who have disabilities, but children who are having difficulties handling their emotions, or dealing with sometime happening in their life. i love my job.


the worst job i have ever had was a waitress. i was horrible at it. the only thing that saved my @$$ several times was that my boss liked me (yes in that way). thank god i found my current job!

oh yeah, i sold mary kay too! i loved the parties, was a great sales person, but couldn't keep up with the business end of things!

I love my job.  I am a pediatrician. There is a lot of variety - you never know what will happen in the next exam room. I can also get into all sorts of things - currently I am the pediatrician for our new school and community intervention program, which is very cool, and I am going to teach a set of parenting classes for parenting your ADD child ('cause I have so much spare time!!lol)

The scheduling and paperwork aspect is difficult for me, but I have a fantastic office manager and secretary who have permission to nag me to get it done!


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