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Anyone seen any credible research on this?

I'm curious because my food allergies were diagnosed fairly close to when my ADD was diagnosed...coincidence?

What have you guys heard?

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Hi Chief,

Yes, certainly have. Gluten and Milk are prime examples of allergies that affect ADHD. Gluten is in so much that it is very hard to not eat any of it, but with researching it becomes easier. These are also known as hidden allergies, so it is a good idea to be tested if you have any reason to consider. I found out just a few months ago that I am allergic to both Gluten and Dairy products, worse still Soy too and Peanuts. I try my best not to eat any of these and have felt a significant improvement physically and mentally.

I wrote about this and research that has been conducted on my personal blog a little while ago. The link is below and further links to articles and research can be found in the post:

Hope this puts you in the direction of the information you are looking for...


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