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Help! I have recently begun to suspect I have ADHD and actually went to see a clinical psychologist to help me manage some health issues I've been having in combination with being disorganized and a host of issues!! Don't ask...

Suffice it to say, I am not depressed but have some sexual issues. I find I am unable to keep my mind on sex with my partner. I am so easily distracted. And I find myself over analyzing it - even meanwhile. And sometimes he feels as if I am "not there". Gah!

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Okay, I have experience with this. I have CFS as well, and so the fatigue sometimes makes orgasms impossible, but that's not releveant here. I also sometimes have weird vascular stuff going on (nothing serious) and I get incredibly painful yet short-lived headaches when I orgasm. See how off topic I am!
This is weird, and your partner may not like it, but really focus on something besides your partner. Even a random thing like a piece of fruit. Use a mantra. I might say to myself: apple, apple, apple,... (or penis, penis, penis LOL) What that does is it helps me focus and be distracted in a good way so that I don't over analyze. Then I can build up to an orgasm. I say any aids you and your partner don't mind using are a good thing, also! I mean toys. is a good resource but look for a sale!
I should say that I've also taken antidepressants (sometimes multiple) for almost 20 years. That has not stopped me from being determined to and usually successful at orgasming. :) Takes a partner really willing to please, and DH is that.
Kerri, I have occasionally taken a "vacation from medication" in which my husband & I noticed a DRAMATIC difference with sex. There are so many various side effects to many medications and not all medications cause sexual challenges. In my opinion. hormones do play a huge role in female's health and all it takes is a slight hormonal imbalance to suddenly cause a decrease in sex drive.
Since my last post in this thread, I have a new partner and my perspective has changed. There was a lot more wrong in that last relationship than I was ready to process when I wrote what I wrote before...and while there was some truth to what I wrote about sex being exciting because of the chaos of my relationships, there were also some issues relating to that specific relationship that were contributing to my disinterest in sex.'

If relationships aren't working for whatever reason...or are "stuck" that's another big reason that we may be disinterested...
Miss K, I totally agree! No doubt, if our relationships are struggling or suffering for one reason or another, sex is placed on the "back burner", due to lack of interest.

Congratulations, Miss K, on finding a more compatible partner! This can most definitely make all the difference!!!
for me i think it helps if i think about it before it happens and get the idea of it in my head and get in the mood before hand. also i like to be on top so i can "hit the spot" if its not working for me i can move to a diferent spot. if i relied on him to do it for me it probably wouldnt happen. also if i find my mind starting to wander i have to try and think of i guess a sex movie in my head. its never about him, i cant think about him or what he is fealing i have to think about me and how it is working for me, but trust me it helps him too. if i start to feal it i have to stick with it in my mind, really put my thoughts on it, not like Come on come on dont go away, but how it feals, slow down and breath through it and enjoy it. dont rush it or worry about it.
i hope this wasnt to far for you and i hope this helps.
What do you think about? or it could be you might have a low abido?
Not interested 90% of the time. I go thru short periods every now and then where i really want it but it just does nothing at all for me! Kinda helped screw up my marriage! When your there u just want to be somewhere else!


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