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After seeing my GP then speaking to a Psychologist and now the Psychiatrist its been determined that Vyvanse (by the Psychiatrist) would be the starting point for my ADD-I.

However I thought I would feel better if I told my GP, who has been the one hesitant to give me anything, out of respect I wanted him to know.

I called his office and he has yet to return my call, I guess I was hoping for a return call of reassurance to go ahead.

So to all who are much more familiar with this and way more supportive what would you say?

Nervous and hesitant


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I'd suggest trying medication - if you find that overall, it's positive but due to the changes in "way" of thinking it affects your creativity - perhaps a short-acting med would be a better match in that case. You could "budget" writing time during the day, and take a short-acting (usually 3-6hr) med to help focus in the other areas of your life.


We do similar for my son - he is on a once-daily med during the school week, and unless we've got all-day focus needed he only takes the short-acting on the weekends to cover a particular task/social function. While he's always ratehr creative artistically, he seems to shine a little better w/o meds - but he also can't articulate worth a darn what's going on in his brain. Luckily he still draws great on med, but it's a lower volume/more logical.

I didn't know i could "budget" it.. I thought that if you are on meds, you are on meds.. 

I mean that would be GREAT! solution..  Because l definitely need help in other areas of my life.. It would also help me with writing because i wouldn't have so many little problems to worry about because of procrastination..But in my country is very small awareness about ADHD.. I couldn't find a lot about it on my language..Or find someone who has it.. I really didn't like my Psychologist, i didn't got answers that i ask. Every answer was "Maybe, possible".. So I think i need to find someone who understands better"

I'm glad l find this place :) :)..It was relief..

Thank you Sabrina :)) 

You're on meds. By budgeting, I mean plan out when you take the meds vs need to be non-medicated. Like, if you normally find yourself more creative in the afternoon, or nighttime, then you'd want a medicine that had worn off by that point. Likewise, if the morning is better for you creatively, don't take the medicine until early afternoon.


Hence also why I said a short-acting medicine might be better - you could take before & after your "work hours" so you are clear-headed for non-writing tasks. like I can't afford to take long-acting meds (plus the generics are hard to get around here) cuz my son is on brand-Vyvanse. So I take generic short-act Ritalin once I get to work, and it lasts through most of the workday, when I make sure my "details required" work gets done.... then I can space a bit afterwards, and before (my routine = taking the medicine, but before it kicks in, I tend to task-ramble).

Oh, got it now.. :)


    Just a question, so you and your son are both ADDers and you are both medicated? So what amount are your perscribed to take (mg) wise? What is your sons dose?

Yup - both ADDers. He was dx in May 2010, me in Jan 2011.

He takes 40mg Vyvanse. Nov 2010 = 30mg, April 2011 up to 40, so far so good. He went manic-hyper on wear-off of Concerta & RitalinLA. Takes a 5mg Ritalin booster after school, and 10mg (2x5mg) when on weekend short-tasks.

I tried Adderall, horrible insomnia & not much improvement. I respond well to the Methylin family (Concerta/Ritalin). Due to the shortages, I take 30mg 1x day of generic Ritalin. I take 5mg or 10mg tablets, so I can self-tritate a bit based on what I've got going on at work/home (full dose when it's a busy day, less when I just need that "push").


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