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After seeing my GP then speaking to a Psychologist and now the Psychiatrist its been determined that Vyvanse (by the Psychiatrist) would be the starting point for my ADD-I.

However I thought I would feel better if I told my GP, who has been the one hesitant to give me anything, out of respect I wanted him to know.

I called his office and he has yet to return my call, I guess I was hoping for a return call of reassurance to go ahead.

So to all who are much more familiar with this and way more supportive what would you say?

Nervous and hesitant


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I'd suggest trying medication - if you find that overall, it's positive but due to the changes in "way" of thinking it affects your creativity - perhaps a short-acting med would be a better match in that case. You could "budget" writing time during the day, and take a short-acting (usually 3-6hr) med to help focus in the other areas of your life.


We do similar for my son - he is on a once-daily med during the school week, and unless we've got all-day focus needed he only takes the short-acting on the weekends to cover a particular task/social function. While he's always ratehr creative artistically, he seems to shine a little better w/o meds - but he also can't articulate worth a darn what's going on in his brain. Luckily he still draws great on med, but it's a lower volume/more logical.

I didn't know i could "budget" it.. I thought that if you are on meds, you are on meds.. 

I mean that would be GREAT! solution..  Because l definitely need help in other areas of my life.. It would also help me with writing because i wouldn't have so many little problems to worry about because of procrastination..But in my country is very small awareness about ADHD.. I couldn't find a lot about it on my language..Or find someone who has it.. I really didn't like my Psychologist, i didn't got answers that i ask. Every answer was "Maybe, possible".. So I think i need to find someone who understands better"

I'm glad l find this place :) :)..It was relief..

Thank you Sabrina :)) 

You're on meds. By budgeting, I mean plan out when you take the meds vs need to be non-medicated. Like, if you normally find yourself more creative in the afternoon, or nighttime, then you'd want a medicine that had worn off by that point. Likewise, if the morning is better for you creatively, don't take the medicine until early afternoon.


Hence also why I said a short-acting medicine might be better - you could take before & after your "work hours" so you are clear-headed for non-writing tasks. like I can't afford to take long-acting meds (plus the generics are hard to get around here) cuz my son is on brand-Vyvanse. So I take generic short-act Ritalin once I get to work, and it lasts through most of the workday, when I make sure my "details required" work gets done.... then I can space a bit afterwards, and before (my routine = taking the medicine, but before it kicks in, I tend to task-ramble).

Oh, got it now.. :)


    Just a question, so you and your son are both ADDers and you are both medicated? So what amount are your perscribed to take (mg) wise? What is your sons dose?

Yup - both ADDers. He was dx in May 2010, me in Jan 2011.

He takes 40mg Vyvanse. Nov 2010 = 30mg, April 2011 up to 40, so far so good. He went manic-hyper on wear-off of Concerta & RitalinLA. Takes a 5mg Ritalin booster after school, and 10mg (2x5mg) when on weekend short-tasks.

I tried Adderall, horrible insomnia & not much improvement. I respond well to the Methylin family (Concerta/Ritalin). Due to the shortages, I take 30mg 1x day of generic Ritalin. I take 5mg or 10mg tablets, so I can self-tritate a bit based on what I've got going on at work/home (full dose when it's a busy day, less when I just need that "push").


Now on Kindle!




Please remember that when discussing medication and / or supplements each member is responsible for his or her comments. Each person's experiences may be different and no one should make any changes or try anything new with regard to medication or supplements without talking to his or her doctor first.




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