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I'm starting to notice a smattering of mentions of ADD meds not being good for creating. Not good to hear since, one of my biggest issues is not being able to sit and allow myself the time and energy to write or paint or draw. It always feels like everything I "need" to do pulls me when I'm ready to create. So, a big hope of mine, in starting on medication, is to create once again more than once a year! I was just diagnosed Inattentive ADD at 41.
I would love to hear everybody's experiences.

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Hi Mindy,

I do not take medication; however, I have noticed this is different for everyone and there's really no way to predict until after you have used the medication for a few weeks. I know, that's not a great answer, but I have heard tell that some have been helped with creating by taking medication. In other words, instead of never getting around to actually doing the creating, the do get around to it.... again, this is just what I have read and I have also read that some meds have curbed the creative juices.
Thanks for your input! (:
Hi Mindy, don't know what meds you'll be taking, but if it's from the usual amphetamine options, it shouldn't adversely affect your creativity. Sitting down & actually creating should be aided, although the distractibility of all the stuff "we need to do" (especially since most of it is so far behind schedule already) is still a major issue...

I think the hit on creativity is more an issue on children, where the meds have a more sedative affect, thus some kids feel a bit "bland". But for adults, it shouldn't be a hindrance. I've been taking Adderall for over ten years, and as a professional musician, I've not found it to take anything away from my creativity. I still deal with getting distracted, &/or "getting to it in a few minutes" (that turn into days, weeks, months, years), but at least the meds prevent my brain from going "fuzzy".....
Well, that's encouraging!
I guess there are different variables with every human being. I will report my findings as I find a medication that works. I was prescribed Methylin 5 mg twice a day. That was's Sunday, and I find myself taking 5 mg several times a day. My days are long and require me to be "on" more. It isn't working as well as I would like in the focus department. I'm not going to bother to take meds if it doesn't address my most frustrating issues. I can't change until I completely give up breastfeeding. So, I guess it's better than without it. I feel so impatient considering how much time has been wasted. Grrrrr!
Thanks for your comment.
Hi Mindy:

I always like to read what others have said, sometimes before I comment. I too am on not on any drugs, however if you are not sure what drugs should be prescribed to you...ask your Doctor. Tell him that you are an artist and that you don't want your creativtiy to be hampered in any way or form...discuss with him what medication and its side effects would work with your chemical make-up.

Worship and Praise Music works for me or "Mozart", when I want to get into my "creative side" and write or compose something new. When you are adult, you have the right to question Doctors what meds they are giving you. I always question our family Doctor when he has to give me any new meds, that I am not familiar with. The other thing that I've read, is ADD gets better with age...and I personally have found that statement to be true. The only thing that I've found myself, being conscious of is "short term memory".

All the best, keep us informed of your progress,
Ian (WIW)
Thank you for you thoughts and well wishes. I'll keep y'all updated.
ADD meds have been helpful to me, I paint watercolors and play various musical instruments. Medication has never interfered. I still hyperfocus though when involved in these activities.
Good to know. Whew! (: Thank you for sharing.
Background music helps me a LOT. I put on some music and start to write or play my music and the creativity just flows. When I took medication years ago I felt like a different person. I like this side of me better and I work through the problems but I realize this is not for everyone. ADD is a gift and you should embrace it for what it gives you. Bill Gates has ADD and he hasn't done too bad for himself.
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I notice music helps me too...low background noise helps me do everything. I noticed last night, when it gets one decibel too high, I can't focus. Funny.
I'm fortunate. The medicine keeps me more focused and I make less careless errors. The downside is I am so hyper-focused that I will not stop without an alarm.
To the Contrary, Mindy; I have found that ADHD meds (I take adderall) has helped me immensely in my creativity especially in the completion of projects....although, I do still have at any given time, a half-dozen things I am in the middle of.


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