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I'm starting to notice a smattering of mentions of ADD meds not being good for creating. Not good to hear since, one of my biggest issues is not being able to sit and allow myself the time and energy to write or paint or draw. It always feels like everything I "need" to do pulls me when I'm ready to create. So, a big hope of mine, in starting on medication, is to create once again more than once a year! I was just diagnosed Inattentive ADD at 41.
I would love to hear everybody's experiences.

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Well, I've never taken medication, other than the self-medicating of caffeinated beverages. I learned of my ADD so late in life (I was 30) that I feel I am comfortable with who I am, and in reading all the materials I have plumbed over these years, I have enough to work my way through what may come.
I do feel particularly creative, although yes I do struggle with some day to day stuff. I've also chosen, after experimentation, not to medicate my children for health reasons (side effects, possible unforeseen effects on their developing cells in future).
I've spent scads of time researching and after witnessing some alarm in my son's pediatrician when she was notified of possible liver damage from another medication... that was enough for me. But I've always done things the hard way! Why change now?
I never had 'time' to paint until my diagnosis and medication. In fact I was so disorganised that I 'fell' through life and had many burn outs.

I now paint regularly and feel so very liberated by this new organisation in my life.

I take Strattera and have not noticed that it decreases my creativity, in fact, I feel more creative because I am able to sit still long enough to really complete and enjoy my creative tasks. My mind is able to land a little longer on those really creative thoughts instead of jumping around and it's a joyful experience really...I agree with the person that said it's a little different for each person, but that has been my experience.


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