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Todays question of the day may sound goofy or strange, but I am interested to find out if any other ADDers experience a chronic dry mouth, excessive thirst and the inability to successfully quench your thirst, due to negative side effects of medication?

Prior to ever taking medication, I always drank plenty of ice water, which did quench my thirst. When I began taking medication for a variety of medical purposes, such as ADHD, back pain, inflammation, depression or fibromyalgia, I noticed right away that I had a dry mouth 24/7 in which NOTHING helped. Sure, I do drink plenty of ice water & mangosteen juice daily, but I continue to chronically have a dry mouth.

Does anyone else have this challenge?

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I am just now reading your comment. There are many medications that cause dry mouth (e.g. anticholinergic medications), with the physiological mechanism of the medication as the reason. I had a very hard time with Adderall being dehydrating for me. I had a dry mouth all the time and drier skin if I got busy and neglected to drink enough water. I looked up the side effects and pharmacological info for Adderall after having an experience, in July a couple yrs. ago, when I was shopping in Mexico on highly reflective cement sidewalks on a day that was pleasantly warm. I had forgotten to bring water with me, and all of a sudden, after a couple of hours of shopping, I suddenly and immediately had to sit to keep from passing out. This had not ever happened to me before. I found that in the summer, with the Adderall, I really had to drink a LOT of water to stay well-hydrated.
Omg yes!! I also normally drink a lot of water, but it doesn't seem to squelch that dry mouth syndrome. Maybe try those lozenges in the cold/flu aisle, think they market them as they keep your throat moist?
I have dry mouth issues..i purchased some mints for my dry mouth at the dentist. this gives some temporary releif. I always bring bottled water with me everywhere as well.
Wherever I go, I ALWAYS bring my water bottle with me. Also, I do keep a gum, mints & cough drops in my purse. I never heard of the lozenges that promote a moist throat so I will have to check it out. I was unaware of citrus fruit or grapefruit causing a dry mouth so this is good to know!

This dry mouth syndrome literally feels as if NOTHING will quench my thirst, no matter how often I drink, but I am guessing that as long as I take medication, this is going to be the norm!
Glycerine mouth spray does the trick :)


Thanks for sharing about glycerine spray! Awesome!

I remember when I was taking antidepressant medication that it did that to my mouth also, I also found that I couldnt get to sleep properly anymore, thus I went off it.  I LIKE my sleep!  I was NOT going to go on another medication to counter the side-effect of the first! 

This was all before I heard about ADD.  I think it has alot to do with the way I am. I still have to be professionally diagnosed though.

We have to weigh the pros with the cons. How are you doing without the antidepressant? When did you begin thinking you have ADD?

I haven't been on antidepressants for, oh heck, YEARS now.  I was diagnosed with post-natal depression when my first son was 6 months old.  Before that I was always living life at a million miles an hour!  I remember my ex saying to me when we were dating "man if you every get pregnant, you are gonna shoot that kid out fast, cause you live at a speed of....a million miles an hour".  I at the time had NO idea what he was talking about, I didnt notice anything else different about me? Funny really looking back, cause I did shoot my kids out fast (first labour = 4 hours start to fin and the second = 1 1/2 start to finish).

I was thus FORCED to slow down.  Then my (uh what word can I use) harrasing, insane, consitantly rambling thoughts/brain did me in.  I, shortly put, went round the bend.  I felt trapped, caged in, hemmed in by the walls of the house. I started to draw depressive prison-like sketches that reflected the way I felt.  Chores piled up, things didnt get done, I slept all the time with baby.   Yadda yadda and all that ....went to the doctor and the doctor said haha blah blah blah (sorry I'm going through a stint of immense frustration and edgeness at the mo).

OK (back on track) so went to councilling, thought I could do the will-power thing with it, cause I thought at the time it was a weakness of character thing.  Had to eat humble pie, and go on anti-depressants.  Thought I am not happy with this, why am I like this, why am I getting like this?  Started searching, researching, learning.  Found out about using it to learn from, and that past happening can have caused this.  Did some intense sessions on healing/forgiveness.

Now my children have school struggles.  My youngest is my biggest concern of the two.  He is reliving my school years to the T!  I can't believe it!  I realise why it went so pear shaped for me, in school now!  However I was a girl (quiet daydreamer), and he is a boy, and he has the extra troubles of aggressive outbursts, lashing out at times, intense emotions that he can't get control of.  It physically hurts (soul deep) as a parent to see your child hurting so much!  And all they see is a naughty boy, who disrupts the class, and is thus sent out.  THAT'S NOT WHO HE IS!!! He has such immense love and thoughtfulness and he cares so deeply.

So I am going through stress at the moment, with finding solutions that work for him (so feel confused and lost about this).  As well as taking on extra responsibilty through a childs organisation.  Especially as I know fully well what I am like with projects (so many half completed ones here it isn't funny) 

So tomorrow I go to my first doctors appointment to get myself hopefully on the path to being diagnosed.  I am sick of the way I am!  My house has grown more and more disorganised as the years go on, I cant seem to get rid of anything, motivation problems out the wa-zoo!! I want to do this and that but I can't seem to get the steam to start.  Ask me what I did yesterday?  Ummmmm hang on let me just THINK about that ummmmm (URGH).  I can loose something 2 seconds after wandering off distracted by something else and swear blue bloody murder that was where I had placed it down but its not there! 

I feel completely different towards myself now from when I had depression.  Back then I just felt hopeless and worthless and had bad feelings about ending it then.  Now I'm just intensely frustrated at myself.  I WANT to COMPLETE things!  My housework, my projects, my paperwork!  PROCRASTINATION be GONE!!!!  Although I WILL pat myself on the back about making a phone call this morning that I have been putting off for a while.  I was surprised how exhausted I felt afterwards (seriously?! I thought to myself - urgh! lol)

I started learning about it when a pediatrician said the ADHD words to me with regards to my boys......



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