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ok i am still in the process of finding out if i have add , i actually wrote my dr a note telling him i think i have it after recearching it and finding out all the symptoms that i have and some of them i didnt even know were symptoms, i do beleive i was hyperfocusing. but the problem is now that i know what it is and that there is a name for it i find myself doing it more and today at work i could barly consentrate on my work i was forgeting what i was suposed to be doing and doing things and forgeting that i did them because i was so hyperfocused on if this is what i have then maby my life is going to be better and its a big relief knowing that all these years when i was "daydreaming' and i got in trouble at school and the girls at work who thought i was wierd were wrong and that just maby i can use this to my advantage and all these wonderful thought that are going through my mind could be used for better things and maby make a difference in the world. now that i know what it is all i want to do is use the special fealing that has always been in me and i alway thought i was going to do something or be something better than what i am now and finally be someone, ok i have to stop now because if i keep going im shure i could go on for hours, hope to put some more of my wonderful thoughts on her and would love to hear from you on if you feal the same and your experiences.

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Hyperfocus? Oh Yeah! well maybe not everybody with ADD/ADHD but i know i do if im really really interested in something, when i first got into computers i wanted to know every single little thing i could about them and would stay up for days on end just reading about them only turning away from the screen long enough to fetch food or use the bathroom. If only i could learn to use that kinda focus on everything in my life!
So hyperfocus is definitely when you become fixated on something? Because I've been doing that for years, at least that I can remember - when I was a kid I would get immersed in books, even walk to the shops reading a book, would that maybe be hyperfocus too?
...I've got my second appointment with my doctor next week and I've got to go through a list of ADHD traits and give examples for each where I think I display these traits. I'm nervous I'm going to mess it up somehow and can't stop thinking about it but need to actually get my list done lol!
You might have a little bit of overfocus going on here too. Don't worry, be yourself. Your symptoms show up just fine
Sarah, what do you mean? If it's that my sentences are too long, they're always like that! : )
I also tend to write long sentences....I think we ADHD folks might tend to have thoughts with more in them :-)

Although it may not seem like it :-) I work hard to split up my sentences (even when they are technically, grammatically correct), as I've been told they are harder to read. One rule of thumb I've been given is that most folks breathe at periods when reading out loud. So, sentences that are longer then can be said on one breath (speaking at a normal rate...well a normal rate for others, I tend to speak quickly )....are more comfortable for others to read. :0)
I do huge long sentences and sometimes I try to make them more readable, sometimes I quite like them, to be honest! |That's a great tip, about reading them out loud ; thinking about reading things out loud could help for other things, too.
I've been back to the doc's and am hopefully going to see a specialist - did I see a list of Uk ones somewhere on here? - as if so, there's one right near me, just hope the list's not out of date by now : )
Hello and I am so happy to have found you all. I'm 59 and just recently clinically diagnosed. What an absolute relief to realize I'm not actually loosing my mind. Hyperfocus....well, I found a remarkable PHD Psychologist who happens to have ADHD and he has provided some fresh insights into some of my lingering traits. My take on Hyperfocus is beautifully simple. In reality and especially for me, what ever it is that I'm focused on has little or no real importance. Much like a computer, my discombobulated brain has a million programs running in the background. When the background noise becomes overwhelming and I am uncontrollably distracted, I tend to find something to "Hyperfocus" on. The duration of my hyperfocus as well as the intensity is proportionate to the amount of background noise I am trying to silence. I have no idea if this makes sense to anyone out there but I just discovered this about myself and it has brought a world of relief in better understanding ME.
As I understand it, it's not a trait everyone shares, although it is quite common. I've been able to use it to my advantage by allowing myself to indulge in it when sudden new interests come up (provided my other responsibilities are being taken care of, which doesn't always happen), allowing me to learn about something or develop a new skill much more quickly than usual. Obviously, the downside comes into play when responsibilities get pushed aside &/or completely forgotten, something for which I'm notorious. Working on it, but it's a trait I wouldn't give up for anything!
ADD is actually misnamed, according to brain specialist and ADD expert Dr. John Ratey. It's not a 'deficit" of attention, but rather attention dysregulation. That means that sometimes you hyperfocus, and sometimes you are completely distracted.
To think they can't rename it as Attention Dysregulation Disorder. It would still have the same initials.
That's actually good that they would have the same initials, then I won't have to change the name of ADDer World :) I agree though, dysregulation makes more sense.
Bryan-lol :)


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