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I am new here, very much wet behind the ears in this forum, but hoping to be able to collect feedback and ideas from those going through similar life experiences as I am.  I stumbled across something I wasn't looking for online today after reading an article at titled, 7 Tricks Your Mind Plays on You (and How to Fight Back)

although I did find this article a bit insightful I believe it was following the author's links that led me to finding another article comparing Luminosity vs Mind Sparke, done on the site  AND (last transition I will speak of) found an article that I have only opened and not read about ADD Software.  I'm not new to the ADD condition, it's always been there and I've known it's always been there, it was only in the last couple of years that things started to fall apart because of it and I could no longer maintain the guise of 'everything's fine, I'm just busy'  co-cohabiting tends to eventually bring out the positive and negative, strengths and weaknesses of the cohabiting individuals.  it wasn't until my SO came home on several occasions and in a voice that was in no way demeaning or accusatory asked, "what did you do today?" when the only obvious thing I had done was made a mess.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hope to share more of my story at some point, but would like to try to gear back to my original point of.....Has anyone had any success with any of these online or downloadable mind training software?  I don't mind investing in anything if I can get an independent review or opinion from someone who's used any of them with success.  Until today, I had never thought of such software being available or the positives they could offer and today a whole new avenue of the internet was opened up to me to explore and probably obsess over for a while.  I hope this post finds at least one person that these sites and software (whether mentioned or not) are familiar to.

If you got this far, thank you for your time and I look forward to spending more time with you all here:)


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I attended a professional development seminar organised by ADDults with ADHD (NSW) Inc. in Sydney two weeks ago.  The guest speaker was Dr Caroline Stevenson, a psychologist and academic.  Whilst her research specialisation is non-medication interventions to improve organisational capacity in Adults with ADHD, she is also an advocate of medication where suitable.

In question time, Dr Stevenson commented on mind training programmes such as you mention.  She quoted research and statistics which I can't regurgitate, but I got the gist that for the investment of time and money, cognitive gains are not significant, permanent or transferable.  

Dr Stevenson's research pointed towards coaching, study buddies, support groups and such, external structures, support and accountability as they way to get things done. And help with relationships.  

I wish!  

In the meantime, all the best to you.


Thank you so much Christine, that is all very helpful!!

From what I have read brain training in it's self is effective because your brain is like a muscle the more you use it the stronger it gets but as far as "Luminosity" the games didn't challenge my ADHD brain one bit! Let me know if you try it or others if they work! Good Luck!!



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