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i just hate makes me hyperactive when i should be calm and makes me inattentive and i just can't concentrate.......and i become confused.what do you do when you suffer because of eating sugar????

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I love the taste of sugar, of course, I am very particular about which sugared items I eat because it cannot be just anything, right?  And, you're right when you say that the ensuing sugar high is pretty unpleasant and counter-productive.  I have found that if I eat some plain old crackers and drink a glass of water with them that the sugar high is much, much shorter.  It works every time and lessens the side-effects I get after I indulge in the forbidden love of my most favourite candies.  Please, give it a try, and let me know if it helps you.  After all, until we can control that urge to eat the sugar in the first place we need something to help us counter act it.  Also, when I'm having a really good, high-energy day I find that I can put that sugar high to good use by taking off for a very good walk (or run if you're a jogger).
I have ADD and not ADHD.  Sugar doesn't effect me that way.  However, I am a sugar addict and using Stevia helps, but doesn't take away the craving.  I would love to hear some thoughts on just quitting or substitutes!  It's so addictive.  Shell


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