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Ning Price Increases for ADDer World - I say NO to Membership fees!

Ning is the web-platform that the ADDer World social network is hosted on. A few members wrote to me the last couple days concerned about the recent Ning price increases. So far I have never charged for membership here and I sincerely do not intend to, regardless of the announced price increases.  However, with that said, many Ning sites, thousands of them, have closed down over the last year due to the new pricing and now the recent price increases will see more sites close down. 


 ADDer World was not created to make money or to charge for membership. The sole source of financial support for the ADDer World websites is the revenue from my books. When that is not enough, I pay the fees out of my pocket. I will not put the costs of running our ADDer World free membership website on you, the members. I am extremely proud that there have been members concerned and have asked me how they can help. You know as much as I do how rare that is nowadays. If you sincerely want to help, I still will accept no money from you; however, as always you can help by spreading the word about my print books or purchasing one and reviewing it.


Here are specific ways you can help, but only if you want to:


  • Purchase one of my print books or all three. They are excellent books (read reviews for more info) with valuable content for fellow ADDers, relatives and our friends. One Boy’s Struggle is highly acclaimed by professionals and fellow ADDers alike, also paving the way being read by non-ADDers simply for the central story about a boy who eventually overcomes his painful struggles. The Brilliant Reality of ADHD was selected as ‘Editor’s Pick’ by ADDitude Magazine over many other books about ADHD. As you know, Editor’s Pick from a national magazine is not a simple or easy accomplishment for any author! Adult ADHD can be Sexy, is the most unique of books which discusses and gives specific tips about relationships with someone who has ADHD.
  • Help spread the word about my books. This is so important. My books are self-published and the only way people know about them, if they haven’t discovered my websites, is from you, the readers and members. A great way to spread the word is to share my free eBooks with your friends and your email contact list, ask them to forward on to their friends as well, you could start a revolution in sharing if you so desire. Also, please feel free to invite new members to ADDer World.
  • Review my books after you have read them. Hopefully you like them and have benefited from them.


You are under absolutely no obligation to help ADDer World, or to spread the word about my books. Your help is absolutely optional; ADDer World is freely open to anyone and will remain so. I have been steadfast against accepting donations; however, if Ning continues to increase prices I may eventually add a donation button, but I am very much against doing that.


Once again, thank you very much for your concern. ADDer World will not be going anywhere. Ning is the most advanced social network platform with more features than are found on many other platforms, therefore, I will keep ADDer World on Ning.





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That explains the "General Donation" buttons I'm finding on some of my other favorite networks.  I appreciate your commitment to keeping ADDerworld free, Bryan.  I'll keep putting the word out, sharing your books, etc. to help out as I can.  This is such a great community.  :)
Thank you Lynn. We are all pretty used to the internet being free; however, we will see less and less of that in the future, so it's important to do what we can for our sites in order to keep them free.


It really stinks. I have TWO sites- ADD related, on Ning- so this new fee hike is really hitting me. : (

Seems like everything is getting expensive. Lately, if something costs anything it is too expensive. Terry, if there is anything I can do to help you with your to Ning site or any other place, let me know :)

Oh, I wouldn't say that necessarily. Everything has a reasonable price. It's the user perspective of the internet that gives the 'feeling' that information and sites are free, or have abundant cash flow, but in reality that's not the case and most sites eventually disappear that are not hosted by a larger site. Think of the dot-com era. Anyhow, prices should be reasonable. Blogs are easy for the most part because they have a small footprint on the net, whereas social networks like ADDer World have a much larger footprint. I have always been willing to pay to host. That's not an issue and those that want to help can, but are in no way obligated and should not feel that way.


Thankfully Amazon has taken down one instance of my free eBook and I expect the other instance to be taken down soon as well :) Then I am going to find out who it was... 

I have complained very little about not having a lot of money because I generally can make the most of what I've got. However, in California the inflation has gone through the roof and they have cut my income, so I am feeling a little more desperate than ever before. Please send me a private message.
Sorry to hear that, Sarah. Inflation is crazy everywhere. I think everyone is feeling the crunch, some more than others and some even more so. Things will eventually improve.

Yes, you have two excellent, helpful sites Terry! I have a feeling the price increases are just the start and by this time next year we will see the intended prices that they want to reach. The price hikes cannot be put on members, and shouldn't, at least not here, because there are too many places on the net and no member could ever hope to support them all. However, with that said, a few caring members can make a huge difference without donating, but by simply getting word out.





I hope I can have a website or two for my coaching that are not outrageously expensive for me nor my potential clients. I might not always spread the word about your books, although I have done some, I have spread the word about ADDer World. I will do my best to help you, Bryan, to make ADDer World one of the best places on the internet. :)
I feel like everyone on here would love to help, but let's see how many ppl see something shiny and forget about it.... :D
So true Laura. As a child my mom would often ask me why I was so sad about something, because I wouldn't realize how much I loved something until it was gone. She'd be so brilliant to suggest I take care of what I love that I would be grateful and then forget about it until the next time I lost something forever :) ah... the world of an ADDer! lol
LOL Im the same way! It also works out tho because when I clean and get rid of things, I forget about them (usually!) and I forget why I held onto stuff in the first place! My mom used to exploit that and sneakily get rid of clothes and stuff of mine that she didn't like....... haha


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