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I consider myself Retired right now because it seems to help my dignity a little rather than telling people "I just do not know how to finish this".I've been a free lance artist all my life.I've worked other jobs along with that.Now, I am no longer able to work(for someone else) not just because of the ADHD. I'd like to revamp my portrait business again.But steps that need to be done to do this...just get laid to the wayside.I am also writing and illustrating a Graphic Novel and hope to get it published.For that,I have to really get into my characters(who Don't have ADHD) to do this...well, I get bored, distracted, depressed , discouraged etcetcetc. .


I have not found a viable solution to this at all.Or maybe I have overlooked one.It's not as if I don't have any talent.I'm really good....but...


Got any ideas ?





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So give me somemore info on where you  are looking to start off and maybe I can be some help with ideas for you.

Thank you Mindy..I'll try. I realized finally that in order to get any forward progress on anything(now), I'd have to narrow down to maybe 2 types of art work I do.One is my  people/pet portraits/illustrations of your home or a special place of yours.The other is a cartoon I have created..and I am turning it into  graphic novel.  When I first began researching how to get published,I looked at all the Cartoon Companies/distributors etc... and their Submission guidelines.They were all different. In this novel I have a number of stories written, but either not finished or they are on-going..or are "shorts".I am both writing and Illustrating it.And that is a little unusual for this field.


I have the talent,I have no problem with that.In regards to the novel,I love writing as I  put myself into the carectors (sp ?)-.I used that to make me a proto-type of what I want, only it only has one on-going story and a shorter one.It's not enough...or rather,I have not produced in illustration my other stories.  I am not sure exactly how to explain what it is I need (at least for this particular work).I need focus,I need to remain at my desk for a certain length of time each day and continue until I am done.Sounds simple right ?


Throw in my moods and my wacky emotional status at the time.....I just don't stick.I have also been trying to grieve the ending of a LTR and for the most part I am doing ok,, well a lot of emotional things going on and very distracting. Add to that my seemingly inability to make and keep friendships(because of past ADHD behavior)..or I could put an esoterical spin on that and say I did the footwork for them but they just were not a match.But that does not help when I am thinking on bad days "Why doesn't my phone ever ring, how come I have people that know I love motorcycles and never get an invite to ride with them, why is it so hard for people to just pick up the phone and chat about nothing much...except for the reason that they Want to talk with/spend time with me...and on and on.It is embarrassing to me.I have neighbors or local merchants (who are real characters) and a few online aquaintences. But I am so tired of doing all the heavy lifting in the friendships I start or have even had.

And right now I am trying to deal with an assault that happened to me a couple of years ago and am now trying to figure out how to resolve this(it's kind of complicated)..because if/when I do...go public in this particular community....I am afraid of the backlash.And I have no idea how to "let go" of it, as it's been suggested.


Friendships/relationships ending, wanting to date but slowly , again ( I am craving badly for touch), my re-awakening of my metaphysical spirituality, my fitness( I was doing really well for months..and Loving it....but just stopped and I will barely keep up and I am gaining again.....all this and probably other things..are Constantly on my mind (especially lately).I just want a couple of victories in my life, ya know ?


Then the other art thing is marketing my portraits again, but when I begin, I start to have low grade (like a rumbling volcano) panic attacks.


It just all feels like too much here lately...

Hi Designergrl,

I'm in a similar boat... and would love to find someone to do peer-coaching with (via email, skype etc.) since I can't really afford to hire a coach at the moment. Let me know if you'd be interested... or if anyone else reading is interested, feel free to msg me :)


Hmm, Interesting idea.tell me more.I don't have skype..yet but I have heard a lot about it.Thank you

for your response.:)



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