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"The Nature of Things" CBC TV program aired Dec. 8/11

I am a 78 year old grandfather who is trying to make sense of the life of my 20 year old grandson who appears to fit the profile of a person suffering from ADHD.

Last night, the CBC aired a documentary program produced by Dr. David Suzuki titled "Autism Enigma" episode 552 which I believe can be viewed on line.  Autism seems to have some similarities to ADHD.  This program suggested that environmental factors could be a major contributing factor in Autism, specifically, the enzymes given off by certain bacteria that is in our gut having an effect on brain development.  The program is well worth watching and may have some significance to ADHD.  Did any one else happen to watch the documentary?  

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I missed it, darn!!!  I'll have to keep my eyes open for rerun.

If you want to the download the episode simple click on the following link:


The file is about 250mb, and in case your media player doesn't play the file then download a flv player as the format of the file is flv. A good flv player (free) is FLV Player and you can download it at:


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