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A few weeks ago, as I dumped the dirty laundry into a laundry basket for washing, I remembered that I hadn't yet put on my make-up.  I immediately left the laundry basket on the floor with the intentions of going back to it as soon as I finished applying my make-up.  After the makeup, I remained at the table and started fooling around with my hair, I sorted my earrings, and was downloading some podcasts on my iPod when my husband came along, picked up the laundry basket and brought it downstairs to put the clothes in the washer.  That's when I realized that I had completely forgotten all about the laundry that I had left on the floor.  I had to laugh because it was just another ADD Moment. 

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Wow. I do the exact same thing and it really is confusing. I don't realize that I'm doing it until I'm pretty far into the conversation.
LOL, I do that ALL the husband still thinks it's hilarious even though this quirk creates a lot of "what ARE you talking about" moments:)
Glad I'm not the only The "what are you talking about moments" are interesting. I will say, ... but you said to me, when I brought this up .....then confusion, then the "Are you sure you we talking to me about this question?" If it is a particulary personal question, I usually blush furiously and get the deer in the headlights look.
Does anyone have to do the morning patdown and inventory of items before leaving the house? (i'm a truck driver and my uniform pants are the cargo kind with lots of pockets) Mine goes like this AND I am talking to myself the whole time: belt, wallet, keys (both sets on belt clips), truck keys, money, lucky rocks, knife, cig lighter, cigs, personal phone, work phone ..... Honey, where the hell is my badge? Oh ok. (it's hanging around my neck), sunglasses, bag of meds, lunch cooler, "Where the hell is my pen"...... Oh ok (in my breast pocket) LMAO it's like a strange patdown dance. What's even funnier is when i do it around strangers or family. I had a man ask me if I lost my boobs because I kept searching my shirt pockets and then my jacket pocket for something I lost. Family is usually mote polite about they just stare..grin. Then laugh if I find what i'm looking for because of my verbal, joyous exclamation.
This reminds me of the time I was going crazy looking for my cell phone and then realized that I was walking around with it the whole time in my back

Pockets...Have to have lots of pockets.

If I could only remember which pocket I put what I'm looking for into.

One day towards the end of the work week, ( which was a hectic week ) , I got home from work, changed into my comfy clothes.,and decided to lay down for a few minutes. Well I woke up, and saw hints of daylight. It was the time of year, when it was dark, when I left for work at 5;45 am. I went into panic mode,  thinking I overslept. Looked at the clock and it was 7:10, called my boss and told him I overslept, made coffee, showered, dressed for work. Drove half way to work, when it dawned on me that it was getting darker, instead of lighter. Hmm, I pulled out my cell phone to confirm it was evening! Turned around and drove home. I had fallen into a very deep sleep for about 1 hour. I also felt foolish, having left a voice message saying I overslept at 7:15 pm. The next morning, my boss told me he got quite a chuckle, when he listened to the message I left. 

The same thing happened to me, but fortunately I figured it out before I went into the

me too

I did the opposite. I remember leaving for school an hour early once. I was home alone and for once in my life up and ready on time, so off I trotted to walk to school at 8:30am.  For some reason I got near the end of my street and knew something was wrong, looked at my watch and realised it was 7:30am, not 8:30am  and promptly raced back home, hoping no one had seen me. No idea why the heck I was up and ready so early in the first place as I have never been a morning person, always late to everything.   Worked out later that I should have known what time it was by the cartoons on the tv I was watching were the early ones (plus there was a clock with the time on it in the corner of the screen that should have been a dead giveaway).

:D  I was cleaning my place and throw money for rent in trash.. Money was in envelope.. And i went to sleep... But in one moment i just was thinking about how I have to tomorrow pay rent and l just jump out of bed and run to trash to find money.. I have no idea how i remembered that I did that..

I lose things a lot..Especially mobile phones..For now my record is five in year (2005year) 



I'm glad that you remembered that you threw it in the trash, before taking the trash out.


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