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A few weeks ago, as I dumped the dirty laundry into a laundry basket for washing, I remembered that I hadn't yet put on my make-up.  I immediately left the laundry basket on the floor with the intentions of going back to it as soon as I finished applying my make-up.  After the makeup, I remained at the table and started fooling around with my hair, I sorted my earrings, and was downloading some podcasts on my iPod when my husband came along, picked up the laundry basket and brought it downstairs to put the clothes in the washer.  That's when I realized that I had completely forgotten all about the laundry that I had left on the floor.  I had to laugh because it was just another ADD Moment. 

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Me too.. I laughed at my jump from bad.. And how i realized  in instance what i did.. I felt like House when he find out of nowhere solution to problem.. 

And I love when i found money, that i forgot that i have...:) 

with me, sometimes i am eating fruits and when I am done, by mistake end up throwing the remains in the sink and the bowl in the dustbin.

ha ha..

Chalini, I've done that too.  I've caught myself putting the recycling in the garbage and the trash in the recycling bin.

This morning I was getting ready when my 9 month old decided she was hungry and ready for a nap. I stopped getting ready and proceeded to attend to her. When she woke up I forgot I had not done my hair or make up but most important finish getting dressed. I headed downstrais to feed her when my husband got home. He asked me why I was half ready. I gave him my excuse and explanation. Ofcourse he did not want to hear yet another excuse about how I dont follow thru. He was upset! specially that I had blamed the baby for my lack of attention. I didnt mean to blame the baby. I still give excuses and that makes everything worse. I wish I could just own it and not go into defensive mode. does this happent o anyone else? how can I change that?

I have a 9 month year old too. Don't be too hard on yourself. They really are a lot of work and ask so much coordination since they just don't stick to any planning.

Yes, I find myself trying to explain what happened so that my husband doesn't think that I'm lazy.  But non-adders don't get it, and the explanations fall on deaf ears.  My suggestion is to set alarms to remind you to do something.  If it wasn't for my alarms, I would be a bigger mess than I already am.

Several years ago, my wife and I bought one of those Foleboats.

After I figured out how to put it together, we decided to go to a lake that is an hour and half away to fish.

Loaded everything up,(or so I thought), and away we went.

Got to the lake and unloaded the boat from the top and opened the back to get the seats out.

OOPS!  I'd forgotten the seats.  If you know Foleboat, you know the seats and stern piece are essential to setting the boat up for use.  They hold the boat open.  Creative as I can be in situations like this, I could think of nothing that would help.

I felt really foolish but we did laugh about it.

The important thing is that you laughed about it. I think if we didn't laugh about the things that we've done, we would spend a lot of time either angry or crying.

That is a good observation Connie.
That's where I should start!

I have to learn to laugh at the silly things I do and stop taking it as a personal attack when it gets pointed out that I forgot or messed something up because I have ADD.

Giuliana, don't take it personal and don't get upset.  It's not your fault and you shouldn't let anyone make you feel bad about how you are.  

Hi, Alejandro!

The world would be better off if the non-addhers would be more irritatated by nonsense too.

And I'm having another ADD moment right now.

I bought a few mega millions tickets...who can resist 640 million.

I can't bring myself to check the numbers becasue it would give me too much to think about if I won.

I'll get around to it if I don't lose the tickets.


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