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I am just curious about other experiences with medication. When I first started Vyvanse, I couldn't believe how much better I felt! I could get things done, not lose my temper, organize my thoughts and life. I actually was able to do laundry, dishes and play with my kids...all in one day!!
Now I can't even remember if I took it. I get all "jumbled up" but am up and moving pretty consitantly. Finding words is difficult, again. Is this expected? What is a "good" ADHD like when meds are working?

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You know, this one is a struggle for me as I don't personally notice a huge difference, but my wife says that it's very obvious when I'm off vs on. I've been on 30mg of Adderall XR for about a year now, and about the only thing I've noticed is that about 4 hours after taking it I suddenly feel extremely motivated to start getting all my ideas and projects moving forward. The problem is then I seem to be even more unfocused at my job as I'm all excited and I start bouncing around from project to project and still don't seem to make much progress.

It's nice to finally feel some motivation however. I'm learning to stop myself and trying to channel the motivation into one thing at a time, but have yet to be very successful at it.

A coworker's husband is on Vyvanse and he said it's the only way he can make it through a day at college.
Wow, I have been going back and forth these last few months thinking the same thing. I too am on Vyanse and when I started after being on Adderal XR for a year I thought this was so much better I felt I could focus better, finish projects at work and over the last few months I find myself getting frustrated because I am walking away from things that have to be done--I am seriously procrastinating and have some deadlines. My Dr. is good at writing scripts but I am getting frustrated wondering the same thing, do they work for a few months and then do you lose the effects? I have an appt next week and am afraid i will have to start up on yet something else. Tweeking is getting to be a royal pain, but I know I need the help. Being in the healthcare field made my acceptance of taking meds a little more cautious but I have accepted it, now I just want the meds to work. Anyone else have some suggestions?
My wife also works in the health care field and she has had to be very careful with her meds. She is Bipolar II and finally found a combo of meds that work for her, but it's been tricky at work for her. To me, you would think that people who work in health care would be more understanding and perhaps more knowledgeable about different conditions, but apparently not.

She's heard from others that even some of the other nurses she works have said they that they were concerned that maybe she couldn't be trusted caring for the newborn babies (she works in labor & delivery) because of her being mentally unbalanced. I was seriously floored when I heard that. It's just crazy. You work with someone for a few years and they just think you're loud and say whatever comes to mind, and that's no big deal, but when they find out you're on meds, suddenly they're "concerned" about your stability around patients. You would think it would be the exact opposite.

PS: Sorry Christine, didn't mean to hijack the thread.
I agree, a few months ago I received a performance evaluation that scored my performance as exceeds, excellent, mangaged....walks on water :) A few months later I am brought in and advised that I am not completing things by their deadline. I have been so upset- to make matters worse she hugged me as she was asking me to sign the document. I was floored, 30 years working and never received something like that. As a licensed professional I would be very careful of who knows I am on meds. I came close to telling her about my condition but stopped because I know that it would then come up every time things didn't go her way. I simply made a comment next to her signature stating that the increase in responsibilities has been doubled both in staff and programs. No response other than the empty hug. Sorry Christine had to get it off my chest.
That is just plain ignorance! I mean ignorance by the true sense, lacking knowledge. There are many people out there, even in the fields you'd expect understanding, that are totally uneducated about mental illness.
I was in education and my husband is in education, and you would be surprised how little knowledge many educators have about ADHD. If they don't see ants in the pants or behavior problems, then it doesn't exist. If a child gets frustrated quietly and becomes school phobic, then the child has anxiety or there must be problems at home.
Gladys, I wouldn't reveal ADHD at work. You were smart not to say anything. I find that most people do not know or understand Adult ADHD. Also, it should never be used against you. It is a disability. You could actually get a 504 plan at work that allows you modifications at work.

PS I am on Vyvanse and keep titrating up...what strength are you taking Gladys?
60 mg. I have an appt with the Dr. and plan on asking him if there is something else to try. I really do hate going through the trial period again but I also know it is the only way we could try to see what works the best for me.
My nurse just titrated my dose up 90mg in the am and 30 mg in the afternoon. I tried it today and it worked better. I heard that Dexedrine (?) was the best one out there. I only know one person on it and she said it is great! She has been on it for several years, as well!
Something to consider is that now that you are focused and motivated to get things done and are able to get them done, is that you might also be spreading yourself a little further. Somethings I do to makes sure my meds keep working is that I eat a high protein breakfast, take a multivitamin and fish oil, keep myself hydrated, get regular exercise, and I use strategies and skills I have developed over the years. Also, remember to get some down time and rest so that you can feel replenished and recharged. Also note that you might not get equal response 365 days of the year. Things change like your stress levels, hormonal changes, diet and so forth. As far as residual symptoms, they might or might not go away completely. This is where building up your support network, your skills, structure and strategies come into play.
Thanks Sarah. I believe I am spread too thin however in this economy its hard to say no to your supervisor when we are laying people off and always reminded of how tough the economy is. The other end of that is that those of us who are lucky enough to still be employed are carrying the job of 2 or 3 individuals. I do believe in balanced meals if anything I do have a good diet, take my meds. Nutrition is my chosen field so I really try to stay on top of that. One thing I am very aware of after teaching fitness for over 20 years that I need my daily exercise and I have allowed myself to put that on the end of my list which dosen't get done. My list tomorrow is to get back up on my elliptical even if its just for 15 minutes. I look back and wonder how I got here but I want to look forward to where I am going and remind myself that this job is temporary it is not my life. I need to learn to go to work and really leave it at the end of the day which has been difficult because I bring it home. , tomorrow the elliptical
Christine, I'm taking 70 mg Vyvanse in the morning about 8:00am I usually take it on and empty stomach with just water. I found for me if I take it with anything food or vitamins (ie. fish oil) high in "fat" that it seems to take longer to feel its affect, you know that "conquer the world, I'm in control" feeling you get. So I steer clear of a fatty breakfast. If you eat carbo's or protein it doesn't seem to delay or diminish Vyvanse. Coffee is fine also. This is just what I have observed. Also even at 70mg I am only getting about 6 good hours of coverage so I have been taking an Adderall XL 20mg around 2:00pm which covers the rest of the day for me. I have not had any feeling that Vyvanse stopped working for me. Just don't expect to get 10-12 hours of coverage. I get real thristy do you? and talk alot, but it makes sense and I can stay focused. Thats when I know I'm in the zone.
I did hear that Vyvanse does best with protein in in the a.m. I get 5 hrs from 70 mg. I never get that "conquer the world" "I'm in control" from it anymore. It seems to keep me at a more consistant pace and less easily frustrated. I wonder why that effect seems to get lost for so many people? I have two other people who have been diagnosed with ADHD and take meds, and they are having the same "consistency" of effects from medication.
Thanks for the insight. I'll have to monitor my meals with it's effectiveness (sleep, too)!
My Dr. increased my Vyvanse today not much difference I am up to 70mg. Spent 15 minutes with him and his closing comment was--Gladys, you need a vacation! No kidding. Anyway I did want to mention that I was taking it on an empty stomach at 5:30 am, but then realized I am in the office before anyone else and started to feel like I didn't have the ability to focus very well after lunch so I decided to set my cell alarm to remind me to take it at 7:30 and of course by then I have had my coffee, crackers and cheese during my drive into the office at 6:00. I am curious as to whether or not the 70 mg will make a difference but can't start them for another 20 days because of insurance. Anyway...trying to be optimistic and see how it works out. Meanwhile the vacation sounds nice but not very practical at this time. My office will be getting audited in Oct and there is much to do.


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