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-If you can't find what you had five minutes ago -if you need a list for two items you need from the store, five minutes away
-if your always in trouble and you knew you would be in trouble, but you got in trouble anyway becuase you forgot you were going to be in trouble
-People are ticked at you and you don't know why - what did I do this time?
-locked your keys in your car (again)

and (feel free to continue)...

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I once didn't take in the "entire picture" and didn't see the plastic handle part of the lid for the blender that was packed in the bottom of the jar (it was brand new), put in my smoothie items, fired up the blender and proceeded to chop up that plastic piece. What a bonehead!!! What do you do with a blender top that's missing the round plastic handle part?? I guess I could haunt the thrift stores see if I can find the same type of blender........
It is entirely possible that you have ADD or ADHD. Many of the people here were only diagnosed as adults, I myself was only diagnosed last year at 38. I just went undiagnosed because my coping strategies kept the symptoms hidden from view. Because the definition of the disorder includes dysfunction, if you do not show low grades or you are not constantly in trouble, then you may not be diagnosed. But if you have had trouble changing focus, sometime focusing intensely and others very distractible, if you have very poor impulse control, make impulsive decisions or have some sort of addiction, you might want to look into finding a mental health professional. It can cause problems when your own life is very busy or stressed - like now - and lack of sleep and poor eating are often the constant companions of stress and business and that will cause even more disorder.

The other thing is that ADD/ADHD has a genetic component, so a piece of it came from somewhere. I read somewhere that there has been some speculation that the children or grandchildren of alcoholics have been shown to have a higher incidence of ADD. Also, people with ADD/ADHD tend to be drawn to each other.

Good luck! Keep us all posted. Having this undiagnosed condition can often be very difficult and you may not even know the problems that they cause. We are all here if you need anything!
Sounds like how I can't focus when there's too much chaos going on around me!
You KNOW you have ADD/ADHD when you stand in front of 35-40 professional peers as the featured speaker, presenting on the topic "Successful Women Often Struggle With Undiagnosed ADHD," having brought the wrong stack of notes. That isn't all! You're CERTAIN you are a living, breathing example of your topic when you discover you have brought your computer power cord, your prepared A/V materials and your newly purchased presentation mouse and laser pointer, but have failed to put your computer in the rolling bag. Besides having to wing it for 1 hour with no notes and unable to use your audio/visuals, you also had invited your ADHD physician to attend and to speak briefly as a medical expert. In preparing to introduce him, you discover his bio is in the stack of notes you left at home!

This actually happened to me recently! Luckily I had hyper-focused on preparing for months and knew the material intimately, as you can imagine! Also thank goodness, I have that ADHD gift of gab which many of my friends have another name for - "BS," and the valuable ability to laugh at my mistakes (am used to making a fool of myself), so it turned out pretty well, had good group participation, and sparked a lot of interest. I didn't need a joke to open with - I was the joke - as well as the case study! I thanked everyone for attending my "Coming Out Party!."
OMG, reading everyone's experiences with ADD leaves me crying and laughing, I'm not sure which. I figured out last March at age 53 that I have ADD. It's been like putting brand new glasses on and seeing my life from a completely different angle. At times, I appreciate the new point of view, and at others, I'm just left standing dazed, wondering how to move forward, what to do next, feeling pulled in so many directions at once.
What a story!! Major LOL! I'm glad it was successful. You know, I'm sure that your audience learned A LOT more about ADD from your foibles than they would have if everything went smoothly. Excellent teaching!!
At age 53, I have had more than 30 jobs in my life, not including contracts, clients, and temp jobs. The longest lasted 4 1/2 years. My grandparents used to joke that I would be late for my own funeral. In 8th grade I was severely depressed for about nine months. I always attributed this to stress my family was undergoing. Now I see that my 4 1/2 year older brother had ADD much more severely than I, and my mother was completely unable to handle his behavior. Now I understand that my brother drank himself to death at age 50, self-medicating from his own ADHD.

For the first time, I understand why people have called me "arrogant" my entire life. I see that my distaste for the everyday job and repetitive tasks of life leaked out in conversations, and people thought I was judging them. Now I understand why people furrow their brows at me when I attempt a quick joke or repartee, instead finding my impulsive comments somewhat rude or inapropriate.

Having put a name on my life experience at age 53, I understand why I pile and don't file. I understand why my driver's license was expired for four months and I didn't know it. I understand why I'm able to talk my way out of four speeding tickets in four years. I understand why I can feel so busy and get so little done. I understand why as a child I used to love building battle scenes with my toy soldiers, but never playing the actual war. Now I understand why I love to puzzle things out and understand them, but hate to implement the solution. I understand why the sight of a room of cubicles makes my skin crawl. Now I see why I failed so miserably at the very well-paying job that demanded so little of me. For the first time I understand why I can't stand the thought of doing the same thing or job over and over again, day in, day out, and why I am different from others who can do that.

Now I understand why the new boss was so upset when I went beyond my job responsibilities to "fix" something that wasn't mine to fix, and instead broke it. And why he fired me four weeks later. Now I understand why, as a fresh college graduate, when they told me on my first job to hang around for 12 or 15 years, then I might get to do the job of my dreams, I revolted and bolted.

Now I know why I have two or three files with the same subject on them, or why I can't lay my hands on the files I created last week. Now I understand the terror of not being able to remember the names of people I have been going to church with for five years. I understand the whack at my self-esteem when I lose a client when I just COULD NOT start to focus on his project.

Now I understand why I have no life savings, no retirement, five beautiful sons, an extremely compassionate and forgiving wife (my third, of 17 years duration), and strain to believe that I can still overcome the adversities life dishes at me. Now I understand why I relate to 20-something year olds and not my peers. Now I understand why I am comfortable around entreprenuers and business owners who are go-getters and not willing to settle for the status quo.

Now I understand why it's important to turn these stumbling blocks of the past into stepping stones of the future.
These "discoveries" sounds so familiar to me. BP, It sounds as if you're feeling you've been delivered a huge and wonderful "package," see the value glowing out from all sides and the "possibilities" that could be derived from this new bundle but aren't quite sure at this point what to do with it to make your life better. I still have many of those same emotions and questions but can honestly say that I've been able to put a positive spin on many of my "ADHD" traits during these past 3 yrs. Still a long ways to go but I'm determined that nothing's going to stand in my way now. Do you remember the song lyrics, "Ain't nothing gonna break my stride ------- Ain't nobody gonna slow me down ----- Oh no, I got to keep on moving-------"?
Not at first, but I found a video on YouTube. Boy, did that bring back some memories.

I CANNOT remembers song lyrics. I cannot "hear" lyrics unless I totally concentrate. I don't know if it's true or not, but I attribute this to ADD. I've been singing the same songs in church for 18 years and I still need a hymnal in front of me.)
me too! i can't sing kareoke, but giv eme sheet music with lyrics, and i hit every note!
You know you have ADD when you can tell someone exactly where to find something in a pile of papers that appears to have no rhyme or reason to anyone but you......!


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