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I am attempting a diet that consists of no dairy, no meat, nothing from the bread group, no sugar, no alcohol and no fermented foods/drinks. It is an anti-yeast diet, which I have done in the past. It is the toughest diet I have ever attempted in my entire life!

I am willingly choosing to advocate for better health and in doing so, I need to actively make huge dietary changes. The reason that I am going on this anti-yeast diet is because as a child and teenager, I had practically lived off of antibiotics for chronic tonsillitis. One of the negative side effects of chronic use of antibiotics is chronic yeast infections. Yeast infections are not just a female condition. Many males as well as females have wrecked havoc on their health by using antibiotics or steroids, which destroys the good bacteria in the body. The end result is yeast in the blood stream, yeast in the gut and yeast throughout the body.

I have always done much reading on the subject and the odd thing about the chronic yeast condition is that the symptoms are exactly the same as fibromyalgia. Last year, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which consists of muscular aches and pain all over, brain fog, insomnia, depression, sensitivities to foods and chemicals, challenges with bladder infections, chronic constipation, female challenges with hormones causing havoc, fatigue and more.

Recently, I have been doing more research about yeast conditions that are in the blood stream and throughout the body. There seems to be such an overlap of similar symptoms of fibromyalgia and yeast infections that I have decided to attempt this anti-yeast diet to see if I am able to successfully restore my health.

If I can actually reduce my pain and feel much better, both physically and mentally, that would be such an accomplishment for me! Well worth the sacrifice of my love for chocolate, Starbucks, fast food, junk food and sweets!

If anyone else has ever suffered with yeast infections, share with me what has helped you feel better?

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I have struggled with this for many years. I have chronic fatigue (fibromyalgia is a new and associated condition since I was diagnosed - I get the associated pains). I have been eating yeast etc free for over 14 years. It makes a huge difference with the yeast infections and pain and fatigue... which I especially notice when I have been "naughty".

I found I had bad cravings in the first few months, but slowly they faded away. Though, for me, I still crave for vegemite (of all things!) - which I don't suppose anyone except an Aussie will understand.

I grew up in Indonesia in my teen years, where chocolate was not freely available, so I never got hooked on that habit. I have also never drunk alcohol (a family culture thing) so that also wasn't an issue, but I am a great advocate for being able to enjoy life without it!

If you need any hints about good substitutes for flavours you are craving, just ask and I will try to help....

Best of luck, and hang in there... it is worth it!
Hi Amanda! Thank you for sharing that you have been eating yeast-free for over 14 years. Was this your own personal choice to go yeast-free? Has it helped you to maintain your weight? Did you need to use any natural treatments to rid yourself of yeast in your body?

There is so much on the "Not To East List" that I am challenged with what I could eat. Purchasing organic meat is extremely expensive so I am not sure if this is even an option for me. I do purchase organic eggs, raw almonds and fresh veggies, but I sure do miss the variety of having more options to choose from.

I have never heard of a vegemite, but I am suspecting that this is something not good for the yeast-free diet. What is a vegemite?

Consider yourself fortunate to NOT have to deal with the temptations of chocolate and alcohol. Do you not have a craving for any sweets at all? Do you ever crave pizza, bread or junk food? I have never been in Australia so I am unaware of the types of foods and restaurants in your country. I would love to visit Australia someday, though. I am sure it is beautiful!

Amanda, I am interested in the good substitutes for flavors and any information that you can provide on what is acceptable to eat for a yeast-free diet. I appreciate your suggestions!
Hi folks; Kurtis here in Redwood City.

I've been having difficulty getting balanced out after years of effective stimulant therapy, and then making a change (both in countries, and in doctors) to Welbutrin.

One mistake I made was not understanding how important it is to NOT drink coffee anymore. I was having an adverse reaction between the caffeine and Welbutrin until I simply cut out the coffee three months ago. Then, I pulled this pink book off the shelf about diet and ADHD (yeah, right! I know me--I LIKE to EAT!).

I've happily & willfully eliminated milk, cheese and refined sugar from my diet. The results are unbelievable. At 50, I'm back in school, just finished my first class, and--lo and behold--earned an "A" in it!

It isn't wise to remove something (unhealthy for me) like milk and sugar without replacing it with something that's a better choice. So, when I cut out the milk and refined sugar a couple months back, I made a trip to Japan Town, San Francisco, and picked up a soymilk maker for $62. What a difference. When I want a hot drink now, I not only stay away from decaffinated drinks, but choose healthy herbal teas, and sweeten them with a touch of honey. (Unlike refined sugar, a little honey goes a long way!)

There is hope on the horizon! Kurtis
Thanks for sharing Kurtis! I have always wondered how ADDer's respond to drinking caffeine if they take stimulant medication? I am a Starbucks lover, but I have cut back on drinking too much caffeine. I enjoy herbal tea and ice water with lemon. I have eliminated dairy from my diet, too. I drink a non-dairy almond vanilla unsweetened drink as my alternative for dairy.

How nice to have your very own soymilk maker! Very beneficial!
Hi Bozana!

The diet that I am on does not allow me to eat normal flour. I rarely eat bread or food from the bread group, due to yeast, flour, wheat and many other ingredients. I am not as strict as I was five months ago, but I usually do not feel very well after I eat certain foods that I have eliminated.

Sometimes, I will purchase organic bread that is made without bleached white flour, but it is not often. However, I actually do love bread very much and I love pizza, too.

What country is your work taking you to? What type of work do you do? I do not have any ADHD diet books, but you could inquire with others on this group because they may know of some excellent books.

Take Care,
what do you eat then?? lol

Hi Dana,

this is such a co-incidence, all my ailments are suddenly being linked, I have true ADHD & now just started meds, 13yrs ago I was diagnosed with hypogammaglobulinaemia and have had replacement anti-bodies every 3 wks & for life.

The yeast thing being linked is new to me but I already knew I absolutely CANNOT have any yeast as I fall into a really deep sleep within 2 minutes of having it, the yeasts include, normal bread with yeast as the raising agent (bread with baking soda is fine, or rye bread), obviously no yeast extract, there was even 0.5% yeast extract in a 100% beef burger, I hadn't read the small print til after I'd been affected, mushrooms & apples, beers, wine, red peppers (green ok).

Another symptom of fibromyalgia which  I have just learnt about here is the morning stiffness, I had always described this to people as when you get out of bed in the night you feel like your walking like a ROBOT, I thought everyone was like that but it appears mine is caused by dairy products, I totally gave them up & after 3 nights I astonished myself by jumping out of bed like I was on springs, now when i'm shopping I opt for goats milk, soya milk & sheep of goats cheese, if I am in company I do have a dash of cows milk if the others not available, if this becomes more regular than twice a week i'll have an alternative, this works for me. I have also got quite a few more of these symptoms.

Hi Rose,


My alternative for milk is called Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.  It is free of lactose & soy.  For some reason, I can't consume soy products so I completely avoid it. 


One question for you, how come you can not eat apples?  Other than high carbs, I was not aware that apples were a huge problem?  Apples contain pectin, which is a form of fiber that is helpful in most diets.  Also, green apples are acidic and they are known to help kill yeast.

Apples ferment into yeast i'm told & when I got tested for intorlerances apples were on the list as were mushrooms and onions inc garlic, as soon asI eat any of this I just fall asleep within minutes if i've had none for a while, yesterday I slept all night then had 2crumpets in the morning with a friend andthey completely knocked me out until 7pm that night, then I slept the night too.


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