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Well a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge hello to everyone. I guess it's been a while. Last time I was around there were only about 40 members. My how things change in just a few months.
Well, following on from my last blog post, I did eventually get a diagnosis of adhd combined type. Well that came as a shock, NOT! I felt a huge relief at finally getting some recognition for the fact that, (a) I'm not crazy, (well ok I am a bit crazy, but in a good way.), and( b) I wasn't imagining the difficulties I've faced throughout my life.
I also got diagnosed with a mood disorder, but the hospital hopes that once my medication is worked out properly my mood swings may settle a little. Well I'm currently on 20mg of ritalin throughout the day. It has helped with my focus and motivation to get most things done each day. I guess I've been more organised most days. I'm not sure it's helped my mood swings much though.
I guess these things take time.
My eldest daughter has now also been referred for possible diagnosis. She is definitely hyperactive. It gets me dizzy just standing having a conversation with her, because she moves about the room and climbs about the whole time we're talking. Also I can see alot of the patterns from my own childhood re-emerging. She says things like 'I don't know why I keep doing the things I do. I try hard to be good and I don't know why I can't'. These are all the things I used to say and feel. It twisted me up in knots feeling that way for so long, and it ties me in knots hearing and seeing my daughter go through the same thing. I can only be thankful that she has me here to support her. At least if she gets help now, my beautiful clever daughter can blossom the way I know she can.
So that could possibly make 3 of us at home with adhd. It's hard enough having adhd myself. put on top of that 4 children, 2 with adhd a toddler with tons of energy, plus a home to organise, and you get the picture. Life can be very stessful at times, but I love my family, and I wouldn't have them any other way. Put it this way, without adhd life may be less wacky sometimes, but it is part of us and comes with a lot of great things too.
Take care for now everyone.

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Comment by Lizard (aka, Butthead) on February 12, 2009 at 1:42pm
Hey you, great that you checked in, I was often wondering what was up, but often in our search and finding help, we pull away to keep things contained and in order to not get overwhelmed by the input. I hope things continue improving for you as they seem and hopefully we will be updated here and htere, we miss you.
Comment by Bryan Hutchinson on February 11, 2009 at 2:24am
Hi Rebecca and welcome back! I am glad to hear things are going a little better. Give yourself a little time and hopefully things will fall into their proper place, or, at least a better place. Indeed, it's much better for the little one to be diagnosed properly at a young age rather than living through life dazed and confused as we did. With as much love as you have for her and the proper diagnosis, I am sure she will do fine.

Great to hear from you again!

Comment by Dana Arcuri on February 10, 2009 at 1:01pm
CONGRATULATIONS for taking a big step by getting evaluated and diagnosed by a professional! I am so happy to hear that you are feeling the relief and now understanding yourself better with this new diagnosis. It truly does help to get a correct evaluation & diagnosis by a professional who is an expert with adult ADHD. Glad to hear that you are trying medication and that it is helping you with focusing and motivation!

As far as the mood swings, I have gone through that, too. I wanted to mention that hormones have very much to do with mood swings so you may want to consider that aspect. Once I discovered that my blood work showed that I am low in estrogen and that I am menopausal, I began taking Black Cohosh and herbal remedies to calm down the hormonal issues. Another thing to consider, which has also helped me so much is antidepressants. What a big difference they have made in my life! Instead of flipping out every time something goes wrong, I am now calm and in control. I am feeling so much better and the Cymbalta is working wonderfully. Praise God!

Rebecca, much like you, I also have kids with ADHD. Two of my kids who are 10 & 17 years old have the combination of hyperactive & inattentive, while the 13 year old only has inattentive type of ADD. In addition to dealing with all three of them, plus my own ADD issues, all three of my kids have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. Talk about stressful! I am telling you, Rebecca, it is a full-time job! I have no idea how parents work full-time outside their home with all the demands inside the home. I give everyone of the single working moms a HUGE applause for the dedication and the hard work that they must endure all by themselves!

Rebecca, I am not sure how old your eldest daughter is, but having her evaluated for ADHD is the right choice. Many schools have qualified school psychologists or you could consider using the exact same professional who evaluated you. If you daughter does get evaluated and ends up receiving the diagnosis of ADHD, there is a possibility that she could receive special educational accommodations at school with Section 504. Students who have a diagnosis of ADHD are grouped into a category called "other" in Section 504, which makes them eligible for academic accommodations to help them with school. Please check out the new parenting group that NerdyMommy is moderating because there is much useful and important information available to you regarding children, ADHD and education.

Best wishes to you as you move forward with medication and learning new strategies in your journey with ADHD. Feel free to contact any of the members if you have questions, concerns or if you want to share your experiences. We are here for you!


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