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I finally got the results from my SPECT scan about 2 weeks ago. It's taken me about that long to really understand what they were saying. What I had was the resting scan which shows what the brain is like when my mind is not active. They could see my migraines and they also noticed that I might have some kind of thing where i have microscopic clots in my brain. They also saw how my sever depression has effected my brain. This really surprised me. Although my ADHD didn't show up I found the results kind of interesting and a little unsettling. The doctor basically told me I should and her words were "go see a shrink". Too bad at this point I can't go back to the concilor I was seeing a few years ago. I would but I can't afford it right now.

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Comment by Faith on June 22, 2009 at 5:29pm
I don't know if it would help or not. Right now I can't afford to see anyone. The scan confused me a little. They said they saw a lot of white matter deep within the brain. i don't really know what that means though. I only had the one scan and I would really like to have the active brain scan but right now we can't afford another $400 medical bill. Hopefully when we get our taxes my husband will agree to the other scan. As for the migraines and the clots they won't do anything more then what I've been doing and that is taking a lot of alive when I get them.
Comment by Sally on June 22, 2009 at 12:09pm
Faith, were did you have your SPECT scan done? I had one done in CA and like you my ADHD didn't show up but I was taking one of my medications at the time that I didn't want to stop. I also have major depression which showed up. What did you mean when you said your depression has effected your brain? On my scan they saw a hole which is head trauma that I didn't know I had. They asked me so many times before they did the scans if I had ever had head trauma and I said no. Wrong on that. Were you satisfied with the scans? Was it what you exspected or did you exspect more? I was kind of okay with mine, I felt like atleast I know I'm not making any of my issues up but then again the reality was kind of a downer. With your migraines and the clots do they do anything to treat these things? As for the shrink I always think that is a good idea but are they telling you that going to one would improve the effects you have seen on your spects? It's all very interesting to me.

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