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Trying desperately to embrace rather than fear change!

I am having a serious internal battle right now and I guess I just need to vent to people who actually mean it when they say "they understand what I'm going through", ya know? Ok, so here's the scenario: my family & I are in the process of moving into a new home. And for all intents & purposes this is a really good thing, it really is. We will now have SO much more room for us & the kids, etc. So I do know, in my heart of hearts, that this is a good's now crunch time and we are down to like the last night or 2 that we'll be in this house & let me tell you, right now, internally, I am an absolutely wreck! I'm talkin, need to pop a Valium just to keep from totally spazzin out kinda wreck! Because even though my husband & I have known for some time now that we HAD to find a bigger house & everything, I am a person who is only 100% comfortable when I am in my own home & for 6 years now THIS has been my home & now I'm faced with the fact that within the next 48 hours I am going to have an entirely new place that I know I will call "home" but it will be some time before it actually feels like I am at "home" & that whole concept has my stomach in knots!!'s the huge conundrum that I continuously find myself in: I know I have ADHD (& probably several other acronyms) & I know that these rediculous thoughts & feelings are a direct result of my "specialness" (lol) BUT at the same time I am extremely analytical & contrary to popular belief I do possess a great deal of common sense & logic. So I have the one half of me that says to myself, "Self, you know that "home" is not a particular building or structure but it's wherever you are with your family that makes a building a home, and you know that you just have to give it a little time & soon, then new house will feel like home." To which the other half of me can only reply with ".....SO!" Lol Logic & Common Sense don't apply to the ADHD part of my brain! That part of me, for some stupid reason, allows me to get all wrapped up in the neggative aspects of a situation. You'd almost think I enjoy wallowing in anxiety! (which I don't, by the way, just incase you thought it too! Lol)

Ahhhh, ok I actually feel better now! Isn't it amazing what pooring your heart out to a bunch of total strangers can do for the soul! Hahaha

Til next time, remember this, "The only thing that is truly "the end of the world" is...the end of the world" - Charles Schultz :-)

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Comment by Kitty on May 9, 2010 at 8:59am
My goodness, but you certainly have found the perfect 'home' for yourself here at adderworld!! Even though your physical home is changing drastically and rapidly, this mental/emotional home can be a constant in your life. As you said in your post, "
Ahhhh, ok I actually feel better now! Isn't it amazing what pooring your heart out to a bunch of total strangers can do for the soul! Hahaha"
Shall I be so bold as to say WE ALL, feel the same thing when we pour out (and let go of!) our fear, uncertainty, embarrassment - whateva?! I will speak for myself and say that I can SO relate to you. I too "am extremely analytical & contrary to popular belief I do possess a great deal of common sense & logic." I too feel that I must sometimes appear to enjoy wallowing in anxiety-and that makes me SO anxious(HA!)
That being said, the posts I read here ground me; if these smart. witty, savvy, mature individuals are brave enough to share that they feel exactly like me, then I have to believe that this is just the state of human existence, NOT my private and inner madness and I thank God for them all.
So, Stephanie, thank YOU for being one of these smart, savvy, witty, mature WONDERFUL adders who work toward a common goal of living their best possible life, not afraid to ask for help along the way. Good Luck!
^..^ Kitty
Comment by Ellen J on May 6, 2010 at 12:53pm
Oh Stephanie,
I've been there too; moving SUCKS!!! It was the overwhelm that got to me, along with the disorientation (not knowing the area). Sally's advice is spot on. I would add that that it is vitally important to take care of yourself, and do whatever you can to minimize the stress (Stress is the enemy of ADDers) Exercise, meditate, eat well, exercise, and get as much sleep as possible. Did I mention exercise? Your mantra should be : "This is temporary, I'll get through this" You know you will get settled in eventually. Seek out neighbors and town depts/organizations that can hook you up with groups to join, as well as the usual dentist, stylist, store, pizza place, etc. recommendations. ( If you're staying in the same area, count yourself very lucky, cause you won't have to go through this) Anyway, I wish you the best of luck -and that your husband is very supportive. Deep breaths.... ;-)
Comment by Sally on May 5, 2010 at 8:59am
Hi Stephanie, I can relate to your anxiety with moving, I have moved more times than I can count. Each
time I have that unsettled feeling of the unfamiliar. Don't be hard on yourself it's natural to have that
feeling. Take one day at a time and try not to get overwhelmed from the mess. I would always try to
set a goal of opening one box a day and if I did more that was fine if I didn't that was fine too. I found out there really isn't any need to hurry through things they will still be there waiting. Take a
break from it now and then with the kids. Go some place new for lunch or take a walk around your
new neighborhood. This is a good time of year to meet your neighbors and find friends for your
kids. Each day will go alittle smoother and you will start feeling more comfortable. One thing that
always makes me feel better if I can get my kitchen together first and then the rest will fall in place.
Try to remember what you said, you are with your family and you will all be going through this together and all of you are going to feel unsettled for a while even the pets need alot of extra attention if you have any. Make sure they have identefication on them first thing. If you need any
help finding places or need extra moving tips ask me, I've learned all of the short cuts.
Good Luck and take it slow!:)

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