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I actually was telling fellow ADDer Anna about this site and thought others might think it was as cool as I do! It's completely free with very minimal advertising mess on it.
So if you listen to music a lot, try it! I love it and can't believe it isn't more well known.


Hard to explain what it is, may be easier just to go look at the site instead of reading my rambles trying to explain it. Basically it creates and tailors "radio stations" to whatever music you like. You enter an artist name or a song title and it builds a radio station for you with those similar traits. Then as you listen, you rate the songs good or bad if you want and that process narrows the songs Pandora picks to what you really like. Like a said, you will probably just have to try it out to really understand it. \It really is cool because you hear music from groups that you have never heard of necessarily but is the kind of music you like! When I come across really cool stuff like this, I like to spread the love. I am very passionate about music so this was the coolest thing ever for me to use! Let me know what you think! -Siren

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Comment by Mike on September 13, 2008 at 2:20pm
Yep! You just put someone's username in and you can find their stuff. That's cool! Sometime over the next couple days, I'm going to spend some time updating my stations and creating new ones.

My username is miketodd. Apparently there's another Mike Todd out there, mine is the one with all small letters spelled as one word.

Sweet! I now have a good excuse to spend some time updating and detailing my profile at pandora!
Comment by Mike on September 13, 2008 at 2:10pm
Yes! I've been using Pandora for awhile now. I've recently tried, but a) I don't get how it works, and b) Pandora is just waaayyy better! They seem to have everything!

I've got a pretty eclectic taste for music. My last 2 purchases were Johnny A's "Get Inside" and Metallica's "Death Magnetic". Opposite ends of the spectrum. Both simply amazing! True art. On Pandora, I have stations (you get to create your own) ranging from Sarah McLachlan and Joss Stone to Kyuss and Motorhead.

If there's a way (I'm sure there is) to create a "community" or share music recommendations, we should do it. I'll look into right after I finish this comment and let you know.

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