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I am So sick & tired of "Comorbid Disorders"!!

This blog will be very brief I just HAD to put it out there to people who will GET IT! I am so sick & tired of every single symptom or disorder could be the result of a comorbid disorder. Take me, for example, I have had MANY diagnosises over the last 15 years or so but my current diagnosis is "Mixed Bipolar Disorder and Adult ADHD" WTF does that mean?!?!?! (figuratively, not literally, I know what it means lol) I love that, too, "Adult" ADHD as if it differs from "children's" ADHD. The only difference between the two is the age of the person! Lol Thanks for letting me vent!!

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Comment by tere on March 26, 2010 at 10:04pm
Stephanie, I hear you. Many therapists are not very clear about the difference between bipolar disorder and ADHD. If you scream and yell and throw things and tell this to a therapist, I can almost guarantee they will slap a bipoloar diagnosis on you. However, because of poor impulse contol and emotional overreactivity, some ADDers do this as well (without my Lexapro, I am guilty as charged and I HATE this). I was once told unequivocally that I had bipolar disorder by a psychiatrist that met me once. She put me on Topamax and I spent the next three months so agitated that I thought I was coming unglued. I was a train wreck, but because I was losing weight on it, I wouldn't quit taking it. Finally, I talked to my family doctor who had known me for four years and had been prescribing Prozac for me to mellow out the temper stuff and keep the mild depression at bay. I asked him point blank if he thought I was bipolar and he he asked me if I ever had difficulty sleeping and I said "Never. I sleep like the dead for ten hours or more every night of my life". He also asked me if I had violent or disturbing dreams and I again said "never". He asked me if my moods cycle and I said no, they don't. I am ALWAYS irritable and a little depressive and chronically forgetful, impulsive, daydreamy, spastic, socially awkward, etc... and he told me that in the four years he had known me had never even considered that I was bipolar. He also said that based on what I had just told him, he was certain I wasn't. So I quit taking the G*D****D Topamax and went back to my Prozac and never went back to her again. Since then, I have been totally at peace with the fact that I have a particularly moody form of ADD, for which basic antidepressants work well, but I am not bipolar. Finding a clinician who knows the difference between the two can be dicey because there is considerable symptom overlap. I thank God my family doctor knew me well enough to correct the madness of the psychiatric course I was on before the Topamax did some real damage (I also had chronic numbness/tingling in my hands and feet on it). I suggest you read the books on ADD by Dr. Daniel Amen because he describes SIX kinds of ADD and one of them in particular closely mimics mood disorders. I think the book is called Healing ADD, or Healing the Six Kinds of ADD. It is a groundbreaking book and will give you information that can help you advocate for yourself if you feel you may be being misdiagnosed.
Comment by Bryan Hutchinson on March 25, 2010 at 7:42am
No problem Stephanie... so, uhm, what does it mean?

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