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"just try harder" --- ADD Tip of the Day 297

If you have ADD or ADHD, didn't you hear this growing up? Repeatedly?  "You just need to try harder."  Did you learn the habit of saying this to yourself?

There used to be a flyer for ADD or ADHD with a picture of a kid's school paper, and the teacher had written in red , "Johnny isn't trying".   So it's a well known phenomenon.

Just try harder.  Makes sense.  It's just that it doesn't work.  It's about the worst strategy we can come up with.  Makes us feel terrible and that makes everything worse.

So we don't need to try harder, we need to try smarter, Yes, my friends, that means strategies.  That's what the book and the blog are all about, strategies.


(this is like Tip 192, but needed repeating)

good post on stigma clik here

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topics  coming up:

diagnosis, organizing, the principle, weight, the gas hose again (I'm committing to doing them here.)

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