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MY NEIGHBORS DOG IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My neighbor's dog barks all day every day. Our houses are seperated by a privacy fence, but I can throw a rock from my laundry room, kitchen, both bathrooms and bedroom window into her yard. I think it has super sonic hearing because the minute I move in the morning it starts and never stops, I can't take a peaceful shower, I can't even use the bathoom in peace. It is driving me insane. I'm not losing sleep over it, but I am loosing peace and quiet which is more valuable than sleep.

I am trying to stay calm, not be impulsive, be civilized about this but it is hard. I have written letters to her, I have printed info off the internet on ways to make your dog stop barking constantly. I have even offered to pay half the cost of a collar that mildly shocks the dog whenever it starts barking for no reason. The letters worked for a week, but that one week is a distant memory.

I have talked to other neighbors about it, no one likes this dog. What can I do? The people who lived here before me shot it with pellet guns, I could never do that. I don't know how to shoot and would probably miss and hit the neighbor in one of the few places on the body that cause immediate death, then be sentanced to life in prision for premeditated murder because the cops will look into my computer and find this aricle... (to many late night CSI and Law and Order reruns.)

My imagination runs wild with ways to make this dog stop barking. I scream "no" and "stop" and "shut up you blank- blank- blank- mangy mutt" to it out the window. That makes the dog bark louder and faster.

I want to feed it peanut butter and chewing gum or something sticky so it can't open its mouth.
I want to line the other side of the neighbors yard with steaks and food that dogs like so it can bark away from my house.
I have entertained the idea of calling the humane society or the cops or even calling the cops and saying that "I think something is wrong with my neighbor because her dog will not stop barking and I haven't seen her trying to look in my kitchen window in a while ( yes, I have caught her staring into my kitchen from hers before, I waved she waved back, I was going to put up some blinds but forgot to measure the window and bought the wrong size and... I'll put that on my metal to do list.)

My latest scheme is to download a cd of a dog barking louder than hers and play it whenever I leave. But don't want to make the other neigbors mad. Normal dogs don't bark for hours straight. This dog is psycho, how many doggie valium would it take to mellow out a big dog-that's a thought- doggie valium with peanut butter and bacon (don't dogs like bacon???) wrapped around it. If this doesn't stop, I'm going to need the valium.

Any ideas would help. This year I'm dreaming of a "quite" Christmas. But with this dog it's not going to happen.

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Comment by Ashley on July 29, 2010 at 1:37pm
Do you find it hard to ignore sound such as a dog or other repeative muted sounds?? Does anyone know if this is ADD related? I too seem to hear things louder and differently than others. It almost seems like my brain does not recognize "white noise sound" like a fan blowing or traffic and instead it is super loud and I can't seem to ignore it. Do any other ADDers know if this common??? When I found a medication that was working the DR. asked what was different and all I could say was the world seemed quieter, kind of blurry around the edges instead of the super contrast I am used too. Dogs are meant to have love and attention not be tied in a yard and forgotten about. So frusterating these people that are oblivious to the fact that thier dog is affecting others quality of life.
Comment by Sally on December 25, 2009 at 5:24pm

I have one of those barking dogs, a little pug and two weeks after I adopted him I bought a Spray Control Collar and it works great. It has Citronella in it and every time he even tries to bark it sprays his face and he doesn't like it at all. He has no problem wearing the collar all day and then at night I put is other normal collar on because I want him to bark at night. The collar info is and 1-800-732-2677, 865-777-5404.

I know how frusterating it is for you but it's not the dogs fault, I would bark all day to if I was alone all day it's not fair to the dog. If it were me I would make one more atempt at talking to the owner, give her this info and tell her if it isn't on the dog in a week you are calling dog control to come to her house and I would definately call at that point.

I don't understand why it wouldn't drive the owner crazy too unless she isn't home. You are doing the dog a favor if you keep after the person.

Good Luck
Comment by Dana Arcuri on December 21, 2009 at 2:49am
Jessica, I sympathize with what you are going through. I can not stand dogs barking all day and night, either. As the matter of fact, this past summer, I heard two dogs carrying on so loudly that I was worried that something was wrong with them. The dogs sounded as if they were crying in pain and it upset me to hear this go on endlessly.

Just as you mentioned up above, my imagination started going in overdrive! I was thinking that the owners were physically hurting the two dogs. Then I thought that maybe kids were hitting the dogs, but I was not positive since I could not visually see them from my back yard.

For hours it went on and I could not take it any longer! The dogs were howling, crying and it was driving me nuts! Not to mention, the loud noise was quite a disturbance. Anyways, I finally called the police and told them about the noises and that I was concerned that something was wrong with the dogs. I did not want to cause trouble with the neighbors, but I sincerely questioned if they were beating their dogs?

To make a long story short, a police officer came to my house and asked about the dogs. I had him walk into my back yard to hear the dogs crying. Once he heard them, he said that he was going to walk up the hill and see what was going on.

A little while later, the police officer returned to my house. Guess what? He said that nobody was home, except for the two dogs who somehow got loose from being chained up outside. The police officer said that the dogs had no food, no water, nothing.......They were chained up all day and night.

No wonder the two dogs were crying......I would be, too, if someone left me outside all day without anything to eat or drink in the hot summer weather! Talk about animal cruelty! What amazed me was that the police officer brought the dogs empty bowls to my house to fill them with water.

After the police officer walked the bowls of water back to the neighbors house for the two dogs, he walked back to my house. The funny thing was that he said the owners arrived home after he brought the bowls of water! He gave the owner's of the two dogs a verbal warning to never leave the dogs outside alone all day and night, again.

I have to wonder what ever happened to those dogs because I have not heard them bark or cry for a long time? Perhaps, the owner's wised up and decided that they should not have pets when they are never home?

If your neighbor refuses to keep her dog quiet, I think that it may be beneficial for you to contact the local police to report a chronic noise disturbance. From what you mentioned up above, it sounds as if you have tolerated more than enough noise! I pray that you can have a "quiet" Christmas. Hang in there!

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