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Long time no write!!! or is it long time no read! ....whatever... LOL

It's been a very busy time around here. Mostly because of the following:

1.- I've been doing some reviewing of my habits, mostly just watching myself do things, in an attempt to understand and re-write my life, as I out it before. This has consequently strengthen my rollercoster of emotions, mainly tending towards frustration, so much waisted time! how I wish I can do better... grrrrrr... I want to do better. It's all a process, I know I know... baby steps... I know I know.

2.- I've been sharing my insights with close friends and relatives. Funny thing is that I've found very different reactions so far, from the "you don't have THAT, you're normal!", to the "mmm... interesting, I wonder what that is, good luck with that". And a few new ones: "seriously?! that'd make SO much sense"; and then, "I'd bet is only stress, don't worry be happy, is ALL because of your manager"; and finally... "can you please share more info on the subject?.......... I think I might have it too!!!". LOL, that, along with the previous topic has made my ride this past few days.

2.1- My mom continues to ignore my assessment; but her sister (my aunt) told me that at least 3 family members, one of them my (first?) cousin, have been diagnosed... interesting I say. Needless to say, they are all worried that I might be worriying myself too much, seeing things that do not exist (as they are all on the other side of the world and cannot see my daily life, and/or potential ADHD treats. My mom keeps sending messages of love and support ("your the best", "you're perfect", "You can accomplish anything you set your mind to") as if my assumption of ADHD is a direct attack to her parenting skills ("how could I have missed it???", "if your therapist said that, don't believe him/her", "I did my best, even if you don't want to believe me")...... is a process for her too, and unfortunately I am not there to contain her the best I can... I'm not mad, nor sad! I'm just eager, curious, impatient for my turbo brain to work towards my goals... etc. I keep saying that is just like running a 10K marathon, making the top scores... and then finally learning that I did it with one leg and I didn't even know I had a second one! so imagine the possibilities... but somehow she doesn't buy it, she has seen my depression, hence she thinks is a created thought someone told me and I just bought it. Somehow I think she has ADHD too... so that's where she's coming from... I guess we'll find out in the future. This is the first time my (immediate) family has come close to the concept of ADHD so we all have to learn about it... but somehow is not going to be easy given that we are all living in different cities around the world! it'll take time.

3. My dad came to visit!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been quite interesting! I shared with him my thoughts no the matter and he seemed to agree on the symtoms 150% ...but later confessed that he did not believed in the ADHD "thing". He DOES see the issue, all of it, but he doesn't know what it is... maybe lazyness? time will tell all of us I guess... LOL

Busy times, busy times!

Oh! by the way, I have a new doctor's appointment this Friday, a psychiatrist who apparently specializes in adult ADHD here in Santiago... hope he's good. That's the big thing about living abroad, no such thing as trusted references! :) so trial and error is the way to go.


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Comment by Roseann Wurst on October 12, 2010 at 6:57pm
I believe ADHD does exist. I don't have it myself I have a special friend that does. I hope this psychiatrist is a good fit for you.

Keep you chin up,
Comment by Tina Anderson on October 9, 2010 at 2:05pm
What do you mean by compensate?
Comment by Kerri on October 9, 2010 at 11:58am
I think after after awhile, Tina, that your friends would get the hint that they need to give you extra reminders. I have a son and a friend - both with ADHD and LDs. My friend needs several reminders and she used compensatory techniques (as do I). My son has so far refused to compensate in any way and I do lose patience with him (he's seventeen and a bit surly at times!) I have yet to see him compensate in even one way, though I'm sure he has! Maturity will help him in the next several years... Sorry, this is pretty random - can you tell I have ADHD? ;-)
Comment by Tina Anderson on October 9, 2010 at 9:14am
I went through the same thing with some friends awhile back. Something would happen like I would forget to meet them or something and I would blame my ADHD I didn't do it all the time so what they said to me was hurtful. They said that I can't use my ADHD as an excuse everytime I stand them up. It was very hurtful because I don't use it as an excuse or to not take responsibility

I have accepted the fact that they just don't understand and you have to move on and just try to be positive that a light will turn on in them and they will understand. Have faith my friends are at least trying to understand now

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