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Virginia replied to Veronica Buenrostro's discussion HELP ! 16 year old daughter with adhd&add&LD in the group ADHD Parents Unite!
"My daughter is only turning 12, and she has ADHD like her parents. (us) We are already experiencing much of the same. Teenage angst has been bad enough with our older daughter, but ADHD makes it just a wild, crazy rollercoaster ride. I am making it…"
10 hours ago
LISA HOWARD joined Kelly47's group

Ladies Only (Sorry Guys!)

A place for the ladies to discuss physical and emotional issues, privately.
21 hours ago
Alexa replied to Alexa's discussion Following a topic raised by a female friend who also has you think
"I will start: I get bored with everything including people too easily. So when it comes to true connection, that click, i am afraid i can only have it with someone who is very unconventional person.....i can explain later.... I do not mean to say i…"
Alexa posted a discussion

Following a topic raised by a female friend who also has you think

that ADDers are different when it comes to starting a romantic relationship? in terms of time we need to get truly "connected" with the partner, the things we do/do not do, the types of people we choose, the time it takes us to fall in love....any comment would be appreciated.…See More


Change of medication... 5 Replies

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Relationship failure 2 Replies

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Do you think ADD?HD is simply on the spectrum of a sensory processing disorder? 11 Replies

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ADHD coach...does it help? 3 Replies

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Been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD?

Started by Leah in Adult ADHD Mar 21.

ADHD and Getting back to Adderworld... 13 Replies

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Bring Your Dreams To Life With A Vision Board 8 Replies

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Are Meds an absolute entity? 11 Replies

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Blog Posts - A.D.D. Your Voice

How Would YOU Like To Be Labeled?

New Controversy

More recent controversy about ADD ADHD - about the harm of "labeling".  

Is there a difference between a label and a diagnosis?

Boy, when I got a label I grabbed it and held on - "Oh, I have ADD!  Now I understand why all the index cards, why I couldn't make model planes, why I killed the pregnant…


Posted by doug puryear on April 19, 2014 at 11:12am

To do or not to do, That is the question. To do lists?

"Lists don't work for me!"

Some people with ADD ADHD have told me that to do lists don't work for them.  That may be so, because we are each unique, but my guess is they aren't using them properly.  Then they won't work.

Here are a few tips on lists, but then I suggest you read Pete Quily's whole post on the subject.  Lots of details.

A Few Tips:

1. One list, where you can always reach it -cards in my pocket, i Phone,…


Posted by doug puryear on April 15, 2014 at 5:24pm

More On Esquire Article - Ugh!

The Esquire article was lengthy,                                                                                         but I was finally able to focus enough to read the whole thing, word by word, by reading it during breaks in the championship basket ball game. I have trouble reading anything of length on the computer  or i Phone.

The loving  positive behavioral approach…


Posted by doug puryear on April 12, 2014 at 1:43pm

Beliefs, Where Do They Come From?

According to research, we all do this, ADD ADHD or not:

Most of our beliefs come from our emotional responses; we then dig up data to support them.

If we come across information that refutes or doesn't support our belief, we either don't notice it or we refute it,…


Posted by doug puryear on April 9, 2014 at 6:30pm

Errors about ADD ADHD and Sensationalizing

Re recent outburst of sensationalized articles against the diagnosis and the treatment of ADD ADHD:

"Kids are being given medicines to control their behavior."

No, kids are given medicines so that they can control their behavior - not get in trouble for blurting out or being unable to stay in their seat; turning in their homework instead of losing it, not forgetting the assignment, or just not…


Posted by doug puryear on April 7, 2014 at 4:27pm

Overcoming Overwhelmed

Structure: Routine,Schedule

With my ADD ADHD I need structure, which comes from routine and schedule.  Some people don't like routine and schedule; it makes them feel confined and they prefer free wheeling and spontaneous.  For me, that is not freedom, it is being a prisoner of my whims and a disaster.



Posted by doug puryear on April 2, 2014 at 4:25pm

Taking others into consideration while talking to them.

Folks with ADHD are said to be lacking in executive functioning capability, This may be partly due to hyperfocus which may either keep you mulling over a lot of things or work passionately around stuff that you are really interested in. 

I believe this is in some way at the root of the difficulty faced by ADDers in building and sustaining close long lasting relationships .

Are we really able to focus on the other guy, his working style and what interests him or…


Posted by Ratan Shetty on April 1, 2014 at 9:45am


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